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I first tried shisha about a month ago when visiting my cousins in england. On the way back to New Zealand (where i live) i went through dubai and so i picked up some Al Fakher tobacco (strawberry and peach) and a hookah in their duty free. Unfortunately the hookah itself is considered "Drug Smoking Paraphenalia" and was confiscated by New Zealand customs, but i got the tobacco itself anyway.. I then decided to get a hookah in New Zealand, which is quite difficult - i found there were only two places in Christchurch (the 3rd largest city in NZ) that sell them, and they are hideously expensive, but i bit the bullet and bought one anyway (not sure of the brand, think its a china job, but reasonably well made).

Thought it would be nice to have somewhere to talk to people with a similar interest, and also to get some advice on where and what to buy. Coals are a silly price in NZ (about US$5 for 10 crappy quicklights which flavour the smoke for about half their burn time) and the hose that came with the hookah i bought is my only real complaint at the mooment (it already tastes bad and its cheap and plasticy..) so i guess any advice on where to buy coals online, what coals to buy, and the same advice for hoses is appreciated. I am also interested in the idea of a Phunnel, and if i'm ordering online anyway with shipping costs to NZ i would probably just make a big order with a hundred coals or so, a good washable hose, a phunnel and some more shisha (though i still have a fair amount left at the moment). So if anyone can reccomend anything/anywhere, or if a supplier here wants to offer me a discount for a package and ship it to New Zealand, that would be great!

Thanks all!


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