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Many of you probably already know that mixing different hookah molasses flavors can be quite interesting. You add a few flavors together that you think might taste good, and you've invented a whole new flavor to smoke. Well before you can start mixing your flavors, it is very important that you get a good understanding of how the flavor you are mixing tastes, and how potent the flavor is. For example, Orange hookah molasses has an extremely potent flavor. Therefore, if you plan on using Orange to make a mix with, you will most likely always use a lesser amount, then the other flavor so that the mixture does not have an overpowering Orange flavor (unless you want it to have an overpowering Orange flavor).
Tips in making your own mixes

-Understand the potency and taste of each flavor you are trying to play with before mixing it with other flavors.
-Use Mint in as many mixtures as you can, but always remember to put in just a small amount, and make sure the Mint goes on the bottom.
-Let your molasses acclimate before smoking, so that you get the full flavor out of your mixture.
-Always make sure your stem, bowl, and hose are clean. They can be simply cleaned by running water through them. It is recommended to use a cleaning brush to clean the stem. If the hose is not a Mya hose, then make sure it can handle being washed, prior to running water through it. Dirty hoses and stems can greatly change the taste of a mixture.
-Learn to manage your heat wisely to get the best out of your hookah.
-More tips can be found in my other guide about optimizing your hookah to make thick clouds of smoke.
-Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and not forget that a lot of it is trial and error.

Tunisian Dawn - This recipe is meant for people who are up late and want to feel a light buzz with the tiny bits of sun light that just arose from the east.

The vase is filled with 3/4 of frozen Coca-Cola and with 1/4 of lemon juice plus 2 slices of lemon. Fill the bowl with Cola tobacco. Make 6-7 medium - large holes in the foil and light it up.

The Vine - This is a really strong recipe for the serious hookah smokers.

We will take white/red wine and pour it into the vase instead of the water, it might turn out strong, if you prefer a lighter approach, choose grapefruit juice of something like.

In the bowl we will put some grape tobacco and make 10 medium holes on the foil.

Lemon Suprise - Prepare a bowl with plenty of fresh lemon tobacco. Look for a lemon tree in your area and pick one shiny green leaf from the tree.

Cut the leaf into tiny tiny pieces, and add them into the tobacco which is inside the bowl.

Prepare fresh squeezed lemon juice and pour it into the vase. It is highly recommended to fill up your vase with some ice, to make it cold and fresh.

Make many tiny holes into the foil, and right before lighting up the charcoal, put up another tiny leaf on the foil and under the charcoal. The leaf will burn out very quickly, but the freshness and angriness of the lemon will never cease to surprise you.

Jamacian - We fill up the vase with some frozen water and we'll throw inside 10-15 very thin lemon slices. We then mix it up a little.

Fill the bowl up with a 1/3 of mint tobacco and 2/3's of double apple. It's very important to mix the tobacco really well inside the bowl.

Holes for the bowl do the following: 14-15 holes in the center, and then 1 hole at each direction of the compass (north, east, south and west).

Light it up and put some Bob Marley on.

Fresh Apple - Have you ever gotten stuck without tobacco? If so, this is the recipe for you.

Take a normal apple, open it up, and remove all of its inside. After you are left with the peel, take a toothpick or a sharp item you use for the foil, and make lots of holes in the peel.

Put the peel on top of the bowl, instead of the foil, when there is no tobacco inside. Take a charcoal, light it up and place it on top of the peel.

It is highly recommended to put apple juice instead of water if you have some.

Minty Lemon - Prepare a preferably large bowl with a 1/3 of mint tobacco and 2/3's of lemon tobacco.

The vase should be filled according to these orders: 2/3's of ICY WATER (mandatory) and a 1/3 of vodka. The vodka can be of any brand, preferably a highly recognize one, or a lemon flavored vodka. If you want to really push the limits you can replace the water with some frozen lemon juice.

Light it up and smell the aroma.

Tic Tac Tale - This is for those who have a Tic-Tacs (Mint sweets) lying around and don't know what to do with it.

We will fill up the vase with normal water and put a few tic tacs inside (you can put as many as you want).

Inside the bowl we will put some mint tobacco. Just light it up and you know the rest.

Tropical Getaway - This one is meant for people who wished they were on an island of some sort, and it requires some preparation.

Go to the closest supermarket and get a tropical flavored juice (such as mandarin or pineapple), put the newly purchased bottle inside the freezer and let it stay there until it freezes.

After it's frozen, pour the juice into the vase along with some cold water and ice and mix it all together. Put some fruits tobacco in your bowl, usually people use 70% fruits tobacco and 30% peach tobacco. It is highly recommended to roll some foil into tiny balls and place them inside the bowl to separate the flavors.

Make dozens of tiny holes, light it up, close your eyes and decide which island you're on.

Lemonade Stand - This is a recipe for new smokers and for the more experienced ones.

Light Smokers - Take your vase and put some water in it. After it is filled, squeeze some lemon drops into the vase. Of course the bowl will be filled with lemon tobacco. Smoke away...

Heavy Smokers - Inside the vase you can put some lemon vodka if you have any or water which is also okay. Squeeze an entire lemon or less into the vase, each person likes it his own way, we recommend half a lemon or more. As for the bowl, cut the used lemon's peel into tiny tiny pieces, so you can place them in between the lemon tobacco inside.

Now you tell me this is not a Hookah lemonade stand.

Orange County - Are you having an orange day? if you do check this out.

Take some fresh squeezed orange juice and pour it into the vase, you can also scratch some of the orange's peel and put that into the vase also. Now all you have to do is to put some orange tobacco inside the bowl, and look at the orange side of life.

Tequila Shooter - Put tequila in the vase along with the water. Add some lemon slices for a flavor mixture. In the bowl put some lemon tobacco and party up!!!

Cherry Berry - Get a hold of some cherry flavored tea. Put some inside the vase along with hot water and mix it up. (not steamy water or the vase will explode)

Add some cherry liqueur to the vase. As for the bowl, put some cherry tobacco inside and drop some of that liqueur on the tobacco to make it a bit stronger...
Who's your cherry berry ?

Fruit Mixes

Flavors Needed - Banana, Strawberry
Servings - 2 Parts Strawberry, 1 Part Banana
Directions - Due to Banana's overwhelming taste; it is recommended to use a 2:1 ratio with Banana and Strawberry. Put the first Part of Strawberry into the bowl first. Follow that with 1 Part of Banana, followed with the remaining Part of Strawberry.

Flavors Needed - Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla
Servings 3 Parts Strawberry, 2 Part Banana, 1 Part Vanilla
Directions Once again, we use more Strawberry then Banana with this recipe, except we make some room for vanilla. It is recommended to place 1 Part Strawberry into the bowl first. Followed by a combination of the 2 Parts Banana, 1 Part Strawberry, and 1 Part Vanilla. Top the bowl off with whatever Strawberry you have left.

Flavors Needed - Peach, Mandarin
Servings 3 Parts Peach, 1 Part Mandarin
Directions Mandarin is a very powerful flavor, which is why this recipe is in a 3:1 ratio. Your goal is to try and stack the Mandarin in between the layers of Peach. So basically you fill the bowl with about 1 Part Peach, followed by 1 Part Mandarin, and then topped with whatever Peach is left.

Soda Mixes

Flavors Needed - Cola, Cherry
Servings 1 Part Cola, 1 Part Cherry
Directions This is going to taste like Cherry soda. Put the Cola in the bowl first, followed by the Cherry. Exactly like a cherry soda.

Flavors Needed - Cola, Grape
Servings 1 Part Cola, 2 Parts Grape
Directions This will obviously taste like Grape Soda now. Place 1 Part Grape in first, followed by 1 Part Cola, and finally topped with 1 Part Grape.

Flavors Needed - Cola, Mandarin
Servings 1 Parts Cola, 2 Part Mandarin
Directions I attempted to make an orange soda tasting flavor, but had trouble with it by using Orange and Cola together. So I tried using Mandarin and less Cola and got it to finally work! You want to start by putting in the Cola first, followed by the Mandarin on top.

Coffee Mixes

Flavors Needed - Coffee, Vanilla
Servings 1 Part Coffee, 1 Part Vanilla
Directions This mixture is a favorite amongst people who enjoy the coffee flavors. Simply put the Coffee into the bowl first, followed by the Vanilla; simple as that. You will be surprised by the taste.

Flavors Needed - Coffee, Cappuccino, Vanilla
Servings 2 Parts Coffee, 2 Parts Cappuccino, 1 Part Vanilla
Directions Basically this appears to be a mesh of coffee flavors at first, however the Vanilla soothes the taste so that the coffee does not become overwhelming. Basically place all of the Coffee and Cappuccino in the bowl first, and top it off with the Vanilla. Another very interesting coffee mixture.

My Favorites

Flavors Needed - Rose, Mint, 2 Apple
Servings 1 Part Mint, 1 Part Rose, 3 Parts 2 Apple
Directions I am a big fan of using Mint every time I make a mixture. Therefore, my personal favorites will all contain Mint. Mint and Rose are two very powerful flavors. Place the Mint in the bowl first, that must always be done when using Mint in a mixture. Follow the Mint by the Rose, and top if off with the 2 Apple. It will taste like 2 Apple, but with a cool, but light flowery kick. This is a very soothing and laid back mixture.

Flavors Needed - Sweet Melon, Mint
Servings 1 Part Mint, 4 Parts Sweet Melon
Directions Directions are simple for this recipe. As always, you will have to put the Mint on the bottom of the bowl first. Put the Sweet Melon on top of the Mint, and enjoy. Mint and Sweet Melon together is always a good combination for any mixture.

Flavors Needed - Mint, Orange, 2 Apple, Strawberry, Peach
Servings 1 Part Mint, 1 Part Orange, 2 Parts 2 Apple, 3 Parts Strawberry, 2 Parts Peach
Directions It took me awhile to come up with this mixture, but after lots of trial and error, I finally perfected it. For some reason its flavor reminds me of tropical weather. Anyway, start off with the Mint first (as usual), followed by the Orange. The following order is needed to get the best out of this mixture: 1 Part 2 Apple, 1 Part Peach, 2 Parts Strawberry, 1 Part 2 Apple, 1 Part Strawberry, 1 Part Peach. As complicated and absurd as this may sound, trust me you have got to try it!

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that's a cool idea man, I think it would make more sense just to have an "official" recipe thread though. But hell you have some awesome ideas there, why not start it yourself? Just put official in the title so it's easier to search for...

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