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The Basement

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The neighborhood around here is very nice, being a chicago suburb. The hookah bar didn't seem to fit in though; right next to a mom and pop shop and a dentist. When I first opened the door (It didn't have a handle), I thought I was stepping into somebodies house. There was no attendant and not only that, there were no people there. It was around 9 so that confused me a bit. Finally, somebody came to seat us.

I was impressed by all the SB flavors they had, however, i wasn't very impressed by all the burns and the general upkeep of the place. When the waiter (idk what you'd call him) came to ask us our flavor, we asked about the "back room" that we've heard about. He gladly brought us there.

To be in the back room, which consisted black lights, white couches, and an off-center projection screen, it would cost each person 10 dollars. That also came with unlimited refills. We decided it was a better idea. We sat down and ordered two hookahs, one pineapple and one mojito something...

When the man came with the hookahs, i was astonished. The hookahs were tiny! They weren't in that great of upkeep either. It took a while to get them going, but from the beginning, i could tell this was going to be a bad experience. Off the bat, the mojito tasted bad. It tasted like burnt popcorn. The pineapple was good for all of 5 minutes. Then it went bad. We switched out the flavors, but it wasn't worth it. We left the place 10 dollars left and with a horrible experience.

All in all, the place was very shady. I wouldn't recommend for you to go there.

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