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Happy Birthday To Me!

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Well, if you guys haven't followed my two previous threads, here's a sum-up. Bought MYA colossus from cousin.... he wanted it back after two weeks.. I couldn't live without one.... contacted hookah-shisha.com and they were sold out.... contacted Mya Saray and they told me to contact Hookah-shisha.com. Got an email from Kyle @ Hookah-shisha.com saying that Mya would produce three more red colossus as a final run so I had to jump on it. The hookah was drop-shipped from Mya Saray directly....

...And here is my collection! The Stratus (middle) is for sale for a very low price. It's in great condition so please PM me if you are interested. Enjoy! _sheesha2__by_Majunka_aurore.gif

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tis' beautiful. congrats.

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