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Trades And Another Idea

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Hey guys,

One thing that has been bugging me a bit is increasing amount of electronics trading and other items going on in the trading section. I know it does do any real harm but it seems that this is growing more popular. I just have a feeling that this is gonna grow in to something that people just browsing the web will see and start posting, leading to more spam here at HF. I suggest that we leave the posts that are up for now and some time in the near future restrict trades other than hookah, hookah related and tobacco related.

Also I know this is a hookah forum but maybe we can add another discussion area labeled "Some of the other finer things in life" IDK im just going with the title for now. The idea would be for some posting about beer, cigars...etc. Which could fall under general discussion but its just an idea.


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I think we should have another section in the trade/for sale that just is for things other the hookah related products, i don't think what people can put up for sale/ trade here should be limited to hookahs/tobacco/accessories. Personally i think its a good idea to let people post other things that they have for sale up here since i trust some of these members a lot more then people on craigslist, ebay etc.. But putting a post count/ time requirement on the fs/trade section would be a good idea imo. Since that gets rid of brand new members coming in and posting a for sale thread and thats it.

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