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Mabruk Review

Post your reviews below for Mabruk Flavours. This includes all Lines and Varieties. This is for reviews only. Questions and comments should be posted in seperate threads. Non-review posts or parts of posts deemed not part of the review will be edited out by Mods. For ease of using the search engine, each review should start with: Mabruk (flavour)

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Mabruk Apple

Hookah: Mya Bambino
Bowl: Hemi Bowl
Screen/Foil: Mabruk Foil
Hose: Nammor
Coals: Started with Mabruk Coal switched to Coconara
Base Liquid: Water.

Appearance: Total apperance...looks shady. Tobacco tiny cut, little red dye
Nicotine: Unknown (not on box and no response from Manufacturer)
Base: Unknown (not on box and no response from Manufacturer)
Smell: Hardly any smell
Taste: Light apple taste not much anise.
Smoke: Pretty pathetic
Buzz: None
Duration: 1 Hour

Purchased From: smoking-hookah.com

Overall: 3/10 Taste wasn't so bad, concept was a neat one but it was an epic FAIL. First off i lit the quicklight. I have seen quicklights smoke before but this was insane and set off my smoke detectors with almost 10 years of hookah smoking, that has never happened to me before. Doesn't seem to work well at all. What i would suggest if you get some of this is pour the tobacco in a small egyptian and use your own setup. It's just not worth the extra money for all this stuff.

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