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Coal + Carpet = Trouble.

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So since we're on the subject of carpets: I'm thinking of buying a new one to use with the hookah. Not going to spent much on it, it'll only be used to avoid marks on the floor (would love to get my deposit back when I move out). What I'm wondering is what material it would be best to get. I don't really care about marks, as I stated it will only be used when I'm smoking, but I would like something that isn't likely to catch fire or anything like that. I hear wool is good. Confirm/deny?

If I were you I would just buy some really thick carpeting so if a coal falls on it you have more time to leap into action

My friend tipped over the hookah today and I got a cupple burns on my carpet wallbash.gif

i got like 4-5 burn spots..lol im not sure whats worse the rough feeling it leaves behind or the smell has it burns..

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everybody has had this happen im sure, like a few people said get some extra rugs or carpet to throw down if u gonna smoke inside, i just 2 crappy towels, not the best but i also keep a small cup of water because im not fast enough with the tongs to get em up Edited by king_lunchb0x

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QUOTE (ronald_dooley @ Aug 6 2008, 09:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
1. sharp, precise, needlenose scissors
2. resolve carpet cleaner
3. brush and paper towels
4. vacuum cleaner

Get on your knees (or even better, on your stomach), and cut out all the burned carpet, being careful to cut just the burned tips. Try to leave some carpet underneath. One of two things is possible:

1. If the carpet is completely burned through, there is no fix. Someone take the blame, and chalk it up as a loss. Buying a section of similar carpet and "cutting and glueing" it into the spot where the burn was stands a 99.9% chance of being totally obvious because the carpet color/style might not match exactly, the grain may run different, or the new carpet will be brighter/cleaner and obviously patched in... in addition to being a major, major hassle (matching the carpet, buying a section, cutting to fit, glueing it, etc., etc.).

2. If just the tips of the carpet fibers are burned, then there is a fix. Cut all the burned tops off, then vacuum. You will miss some burned spots, so go over everything with the scissors again. The surrounding area will still look black/grey/burned, but it will be fine when you're done, so don't worry for now. Vacuum again. Now, spray the burned areas with resolve and work it in with a brush. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Blot it completely dry with paper towels. Let it dry 10 minutes more. Vacuum. Vacuum the whole area again when completely dry. Should be good to go.

heh, I wonder what happened to this guy...

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After you figure out how to get rid of the burns I'd suggest going to wal-mart, or like home depot. They both have these 7'x9' indoor/outdoor rugs for like $20. Coals do not go through them, not all the way at least, (unless you leave them there for minutes on end, but I've always picked them up within a minute or two).

For the price they're worth every penny, and they're actually pretty nice too. The great thing about em is that you can put them on a carpeted room and they'll look like a throw rug, or you can use them outside in the summer on your patio/porch. Once you get too many burns in them (if you even care) you can just get another for $20. smile.gif

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QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Nov 8 2009, 08:26 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
hey jordan, remember the epic zona coal explosion in your basement?

How could I forget? That thing lit up a square yard of coal fragments too impossibly small to pick up. And then when the water doused it and left a big black stain there for weeks hahahaha

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