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I've noticed you have some amazing hookahsfor sale. Are these hookahs hand made from the regions they come from? For example, are the Syran hookahs made in Syria? What about the Karim Abdul models? Where are they manufactured?

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QUOTE (TizaNabi @ Nov 2 2009, 08:50 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
"El Rosha" Egyptian herbal shisha
Smoking-Hookah.com is now selling Egyptian made herbal shisha with a great taste and fragrance you've never found before in a herbal shisha!
Here is the link :

Usually when a hookah company writes "Egyptian" or "Syrian" they mean "Syrian Style" which means that the shisha tobacco bowl has a male like protrubance which goes INTO the shaft.You would need a special Syrian Style bowl to smoke it.I used to live around 30 years in the Upper Galilee region not at all far from the Syrian border.There was a man of the "Druze" religion who owned a large 24/7 hookah store.The Druze live in south Lebanon,south Syria and northern Israel which are close bordered including Jordan.
They serve in the army of the country they live in.They are not Moslem.He often went the 20 miles to Syria to visit family and but he didn't bring hookahs telling me that they don't make handmade there anymore.(Who does?) Our hookahs come from Turkey (a few),Egypt(a few) but mostly India or China.Its true for most of the companies.Its possible that you during your trip to Tunisia can buy a made for sure in china hookah and go tell your friends without knowing that it is "homegrown from Tunisia".
Last week I was in nearby Hebron we have alternate prayer hours with the Moslems at the Tombs under one big 2000 year old building of Abraham,Isaac,Jacob,Sarah,Rivkah,Leah (Rachel is in nearby Bethleham).I saw an Arab shop selling stuff for tourists and he had around 10 hookahs.I asked him where they were made, though I saw they were Chinese and he probably bought them from an Israeli importer."Oh,they are hand made in Egypt".Now I had to be tactful since Arab personnal honour is paramount
"They look Chinese" I said and he answered "yes, but mainly Indian"No.
So you want to know if any company sells handmade Egyptian?Only a few worldwide companies do.

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