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Mr. Scratch


Hello.  I'm Mr. Scratch, and I'm a hookaholic.

<*In unison from Hookahforum audience: "Hi Mr. Scratch."*>

I've been smoking hookah for about 3 years of so, after about 15 years
of pipe smoking.  Once I tried the hookah, I put aside my pipes on
a shelf of my library, and there they've gathered dust ever
since.  Reg'lar pipes just do not compare to the smooth, sweet
taste of a fine muassel tobacco.

I started smoking with a very nice Syrian style hookah, but was
somewhat dissatisfied with a number of design features, including the
uncertain friction-fit method of attaching the glass tothe stem, and te
difficulties of cleaning the glass.  About 9 months ago I ordered
a rotator, and continue to be amazed at what an excellent instrument it
is.  I highly reccommend this hookah to everyone who is looking to
buy one.

As for my non-hookah interests, I like world travel (mostly to the more
remote 3rd world places like India and Peru), antiques, "arts and
crafts" style design (the early 20th century aesthetic movement, not
the results of old ladies making Santa Claus decoration out of old
canning jars and shed cat hair), firearms, world religions, history,
middle-eastern culture, and blabbering my unasked-for opinions on the
internet.  I play a mean game of Trivial Pursuit, but can barely
remember my own phone number. 

Anyway, that's me.

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Hey guys,
  I gotta say that Scratch has the best greeting w/  "Howdy Do". You might be suprised how much I here that where I come from.

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