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"different" Shisha Blends

These are... for lack of a better word... Unorthodox blends of shisha tobbacco.

Due to availability issues where i live, There is barely much choice of tobbaccos to purchase, so... I take what i can get, and i mix up my own biggrin.gif

Unlike most recipes, i add other ingredients to the shisha, other than the tobbacco.

All my recipes use Al Fakher (dubai tobbacco)
and to produce a 100 gram jar costs arond $7 US (assuming my currency conversions are up to scratch)

Some of the favourites at the lounge i run:

excl.gif  50 gms mango shisha
excl.gif  50 gms coconut shisha
excl.gif  1 teaspoon Tabasco
excl.gif  1 teaspoon lemon juice
excl.gif  1 tablespoon glycerine (edible - vegetable)
excl.gif  1 shredded mint leaf

(good to note that this requires cooking)
1 Tablespoon cinnamon powder
1 Tablespoon water
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 Tablespoon glycerine

Put all the above ingredients into a **NON STICK** pan and heat gently until it reaches the consistency of treacle.

1 apple (approx 50 gms) peeled cored and grated
50 gms strawberry shisha

add the above ingredients into the pot and stir well to incorporate all ingredients.

take pot off the heat.

add 1 shot of vodka, mix in.

Allow to cool, and you are ready to go biggrin.gif


please leave comments.

any criticism would be appreciated... what brings one down can only make them stronger tongue.gif

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So describe to the best of your ability what it tastes like, because it doesn't sound appealing. Not hating on your originality I find it inventive. I'm just not sure what the end result would be like to my tastebuds.

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Ok... reasonable request, i suppose tongue.gif


Despite having the tabasco, it will NOT burn your mouth... Much tongue.gif Its an inventive shisha made for challenges. It seems rather popular at the lounge.

It has a distinct flavour similar to that of amarula liquer, with a slight bite to it.


Ever tried a traditional english christmas pudding? This tastes pretty similar. try it tongue.gif

If you wanna just taste the stuff, why not make a tiny batch of it?

Just use, like 10% quantity of each ingrediant, and see how you like it.

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i love the ideas. i would love to try it.when my kitchen is finished being refurbished im going to try an cook that up biggrin.gif good post.

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