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Shisha Grinder

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Shisha Fluffer

It's a nut grinder! (This one is from target for $10+tax)

It makes loading bowls clean and so easy, even my lazy buddy can do it!

Just mix the flavors (Fusion's Villnila and AlFakker's Mint pictured) or toss in the tobacco you want (no fondling required).

And Grind the perfect amount!

When you have a pile like this, you can put the bowl over it, twist and flip and you have a perfect bowl!

What ever is not used can be stored in the grinder in the fridge!

Very cool item, can be found in different styles and cheaper (like a solid glass base one for $4 at my Arab Market) but I like the double open-end model as cleaning is easy and the tobacco can be transfered to the bowl without touching it. Edited by VDDZ

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