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Post your reviews below for H-S Custom Flavours. This is for reviews only. Questions and comments should be posted in seperate threads. Non-review posts or parts of posts deemed not part of the review will be edited out by Mods. For ease of using the search engine, each review should start with:

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Hookah-Shisha Custom Blend: Southern Belle

Setup: Mya Frost, Med. tangiers phunnel, Icewater in the base, Nammor Hose

Packaging: Very Nice little air tight glass jar. A bit pricier but hey i get to keep the jar.

Coals: Exotica (1 stick broken into 3 pieces and laid out in a triangle shape on the bowl)

Foiling: 1 layer of Reynolds Wrap with 3 rings of holes. 1 larger center hole.

Shisha Look: Light tan color medium juciness

Smell: Peach Ice Tea (Sweet Tea if you will to fit that southern feeling)

Look: Medium cut, a bit stemmy, similar to nahkla

Taste: Subtle yet enjoyable iced tea with a bit extra smoothness. May I dare say vanilla? (I think its a peach, tea and vanilla mix. Heavy on the tea side)

Smoke: Medium Clouds. Smoke was smooth all the way through the entire bowl. Never got harsh.

Smoking Time: About 1.5 hours

Thoughts: Very pleasurable smoking experience, reminded me of summer days and sun tea. Cotton fields and white picket fences. The flavor lasted most of the way through the bowl only dying in the last 15 mins or so. 1.5 was probably a push but I wanted to use the entire coals. Would order this again or at least give the other flavors a try before making a second order on the same flavor.

Overall Rating: 8/10
The packaging was a nice touch, but the price reflects the glass jar. However, I am one who believes that you get what you pay for and this showed it. A bit more juice would have been top notch. Will most likely order this product again. Hookah.gif

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