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Dubai Tobacco - Strawberry

Pipe: 29" Egyptian
Coal: Abu Abdo Naturals
Base: Ice Water
Foil: 2 layer Reynolds Wrap

Cut: Exactly like Al Fakher... wet, with a typical amount of stems.

Smell: Smells like strawberries... kind of a tomato smell at times though... yuck.
Smoke: Decent.
Flavor: Definitly has it's great moments... like strawberry candy. Other times... like tomato ketchup.. eww.
Buzz: Decent buzz.

Overall: 5/10. The tomatoish taste really killed it. Might buy again is no other strawberry is available. Luckily I only bought the 50gm box ($2.49)

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Dubai Tobacco - Special Flavor

Pipe: KM Ice
Coal: Coconara
Base: Water
Foil: HD Reynold's Wrap

Cut: Similar to AF, looks like it was mixed with chocolate syrup
Smell: Smells kinda rank, sort of like chocolate and something else
Smoke: Not bad, decent clouds
Flavor: Tastes kind of like stale tootsie rolls with a slight flavor of mint.
Buzz: No buzz.

Overall: 6/10. It was cheap ($6 for 250g) and worth a shot. I'll probably mix it with AF Mint just to make the bad taste a little more tolerable. I would not get this again. The shisha was super sticky also.

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