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South East UK - Dover

(Soon to move to Taiwan)

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[quote name='daryan_2k9' timestamp='1309037998' post='513656']
Anyone live in Birmingham here ?
If so can you recommend any good shisha bars or a store which sells good hookah's ?
thanks in advance
Hi mate i'm from Sutton Coldfield in brum, i'm very new to the whole hookah scene but after some research i literally found one shisha bar open its still under some sort of construction its on the digbeth high street, just before the rainbow if your'e coming from new street way, apart from that i've found them very few and far between i think the only other one i came accross was bordesly way didnt really fancy that. but yer it was pretty chill there dont think they sell stuff though i could only buy a coke from them give it a few months to get set up properly it may pick up there a little bit.

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