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A hello and all that fun stuff.

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Hey guys, my name's Jon, and I'm 21. I'm from the United States (Michigan in perticular)

I started smoking hookah about 4 months ago or so, and after the first
2-3 times smoking, I decided to buy my own. It's been well worth it.
I'm a pledge to a fraternity, and a ton of the guys at the fraternity
smoke, so that's how I was introduced to it. The university i go to is
right next to Dearborn, (one of the biggest arabic populated cities in
the united states) so Tobacco is extremely easy to get a hold of. I've
tried 3 different types of flavors thus far, but seem to like
strawberry the best. (Tried double apple, but I hate black licorice
though.. gah) Peach was decient, but it got old. (Maybe it was the
crappy brand I bought)

Anyway, yeah, there's my hookah life in about a paragraph. :) Just wanted to say hey. :)

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Welcome to the forum. I appologize for the trash talking that is going
on here in the recent days. This is a first in the 8 months that I have
been here. This is really a great and informational forum. Please do
not get discouraged to stay an active member. 1 bad apple spoils the
bunch so we are trying to get rid of that bad apple. Talk to you later.

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