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QUOTE (Toxik916 @ Feb 1 2008, 03:48 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
nice ride my dad has a 54 bel-air

Thanks 54 was a nice year too. I am building a chevy 235 inline 6 from a 54 to drop in my 50. 54 was the first year chevy had a full pressure oil sytem on the inline. I plan on running a dual carb and a split manifold. Nothing sounds like a split six rapping down the road.

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check it...

05 cobalt four door no mods to car, lol.

CDA-9886 waiting on the imprint sound processor (out in march)

rainbow ipauls 4.300 and the DM2000

kappa perfect 6.5 components and 6X9 in rear deck

two type R 12's in a ported box at 45 hertz

getting a 13.5 W7 and going active on a pair of rainbow power line or doing CDT's

its a work in progress Edited by Stinkyfisherman

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