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Hookah Juice

We got 6 samples of HookahJuice base stuff from Hookah-Life, so my group tried out today:

Hookah Juice Cheesecake:

Setup: Mya Bohemian 2 Hose
Tangiers Funnel Bowl + Glass Mod
Smileys Raspberry Shisha, 4 Japanese Easy Lights
Cheesecake Hookah Juice + Water In Base

Smell: The juice itself smelled almost like cheesecake ice cream (coldstone?), and once added to the water when you pulled through we tasted a vague sweetness.

Once the tobacco was on, we tasted the Raspberry very lightly but the cheesecake kinda overpowered it, and not in a great way.

We have to try the other flavors, but at the moment our group consenus (5 of us) was that we wouldn't pay for it.

We tried a second bowl of Al Waha Cappucino, and it was a little better, it covered up a little bit of the bitter coffee taste, but it still wasn't something we'd pay much for. Pretty strong flavoring for being such a small little tube!

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Smileys Sexy Anis Apple W/ Hookah Juice Caramel: (hookahjuice suggest caramel apple as a good mix)

Setup: Mya Bohemian Two Hose, Medium Tangiers Funnel W/ Glass Mod, Water + Caramel Hookah Juice, Smileys Sexy Anis Apple Shisha, 4 Japanese EasyLights.

Smell (juice): In the little tube it smelled a hint of caramel, but once we poured it into the base it smelled like caramel syrup. I wanted to drink it (though i dont know if hookahjuice is edible).

Pulling on the hose before the bowl was in place, you got a definite hint of caramel flavor.

Flavor: With the apple it was a pretty good mix, but as was our experience with smileys being flavorless, it almost overpowered it. Still a very good flavor.

Overall: I was more impressed than I had been with the cheesecake, though i dont know that i would actually pay for it to keep for myself. For a hookah bar or big groups smoking (parties, etc) it wouldn't be bad. I hope the other flavors are more like this, less like cheesecake.


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