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any input on the rotating hookah?

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I have a hookah from hookahhookah.com and want to puches another one. I was looking at the rotating hookah with the vase in the middle of the base. Dose anyone have one? How dose it work?

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It works fantastically!  Actually,  the vase also unscrews
from the base,  which makes it very easy to fill with water or if
the vase breaks,  you can simply order a new one without having to
order a new base along with it.

I can't possibly put into words how wonderful my rotator was.  I
say was because at the time I was trying to quit and I figured the best
way to do it would be to get rid of my hookah...........BIG

But,  in any case,  if you decide to get a multi-hose
rotator,  it's great for smoking with friends because it rotates
leaving very little chance of it tipping over,  such as with a

It's a very simple set-up.  The vase screws into the base and into
the stem,  making break-down and set-up EXTREMELY easy.  Gone
are the days of rubber grommets getting stuck while trying to attach
the stem to the vase.  All you do with the rotator is screw on the
stem,  and it's perfectly air-tight and ready to go.

Don't even hesitate getting a rotator.  If you're planning on
collecting hookahs,  after using the rotator for awhile,  I'm
QUITE sure that it's the LAST hookah you'll ever want to buy

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Great I was going to wait till my next check to buy one but I can't wait that long. I guess I will just have to put it on the plastic. Sounds good thanks for the info.

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I bought mine locally at a MiddleEastern food store.

Hookah-Shisha doesn't make a 23" rotator.  You must be talking
about one of the 26" ones.  In any case,  I'm sure
Hookah-Shisha will set you up nicely.  If you are interested in
some alternative places to shop,  you might want to take a look at
these sites:

www.SaharaSmoke.com (2nd page of Hookahs - last on the list - The Magi
$74.95 - Was actually my 1rst rotator,  and the one I bought
locally was my 2nd.  But the Magi was the MOST beautiful Hookah
I'd ever seen.  It's SO beautiful up close that you just wouldn't
believe it)


www.HookahCompany.com (Great-Looking Rotators - 1rst Page on Hookahs -
30" Hookah for $79.00 - Looks Very Nice - I've done business with them
before and their Customer Service is Great!)


www.SouthSmoke.com (They also sell The Magi Hookah,  but it's more expensive than SaharaSmoke's)

If you decide to buy from Hookah-Shisha,  regarding the
tobacco,  try either the Lemon,  Strawberry,  or Double
Apple.  Double Apple is great,  but it doesn't taste like
apples,  it has the taste of Ouzo or Black Licorice.  It's
REALLY good if you like licorice.

Goodluck with your search 

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Hookahbros is apparently out of biz or restructuring...

Socialsmoke is apparently going to be getting similar rotators
shortly.  I have a 4 hose hookahbros cyclone,the big one, and it's
been great.  Easy to clean, solid construction.  The only
thing missing is autoseal, but since I usually smoke it myself or with
my wife, we usually only use the one hose.  But, it's great to
have multiple hoses when you have company.

I have considered getting one of their bohemian hookahs with a
case. I don't like transporting the cyclone - makes me
nervous that it's going to have an unpleasant accident.

I did replace the hoses - got 4 mya pleather hoses.  Very nice,
and inexpensive when purchased direct from mya ($7 US each). 

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Well I personally like rotating hookahs. If youre with about 2 or 4
friends and only want to load up one hookah, the rotator is  a
good choice since  it will rotate around the hookah cirl and youd
ont have  to worry about the hose tangling. Pretty much whatever
direction you pass the hose, the hookah will rotate because of the
weight of the hose. And the design is nice also imo.

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