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New Member Here

Hey guys, been roaming around here for a few weeks and figured it couldn't hurt to register. I just recently got into this...bought a 4 hose Pharaoh hookah and a ton of coals/shisha/etc. I was hooked after the first bowl of Al Fakher double apple w/ a pinch of mint. So much smoother than cigars...so much more of a social enviornment.

Just a little about me, I'm a computer engineering major...big into about anything that can go fast or kill you.

Hint: Cars and Guns wink.gif

I'm sure you'll see me around plenty...I have a horrible time getting myself away from a good forum.

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As a fellow gun nut, I welcome you!

I can't afford nice cars.


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hmm guns and cars.. very cool! Next year a friend and I are going to buy a 1957 Mercedes 190 SL roadster and restore it and drop a V12 in it from a rolled over 1995 SL600

hopefully end up with something like this..

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