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    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JOE


      worst football ever seen in mah life

    3. Tyler
    4. Arcane


      really? you obviously missed AZ getting smashed by the Chargers!

  2. last band to go on before bone thugs tonight. so stoked. heading out now wooop

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    2. Arcane


      bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone....mo thug! mo thugs! we are mo thugs!!! mo thug!

    3. Arcane


      joe...can you take pics of bone thugs for me?! hold up a red bandana too!

    4. Moovey
  3. finally sending chris his package. sry for the wait bud

    1. Chreees


      Lol, no problem dude... I'm pretty patient, although I must admit you have taken your time... ha! Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.

  4. Design: modern interior styling with traditional pipes. and good bacco. Music: how bout a laptop running music with plenty of choices for recommendations Hours of operation: 6-2am Prices: 15 tops What snacks or drinks do you enjoy while smoking? chips and the normal snacks, unless you plan on getting a food license, and of course soda, energy drinks, teas, coffee
  5. [quote name='Travis' timestamp='1284938445' post='482578'] Its gonna happen if your not using a phunnel. Perfectly normal. [/quote]
  6. tbs for the past 3 hours FML

  7. opening for tech n9ne tonight

    1. Travis


      tear that shit up homie!

    2. Chreees
  8. JOE

    Ryno, The Dad

    good luck man, best wishes to you and the mother. shes a cutie
  9. muting phone calls to drag in the pipe is win

  10. I vote nissan. they are both gonna cost roughly the same to service, for me it would come down to whichever has a nicer interior, options etc..
  11. [img]http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/8223/img06411.jpg[/img] small phunell
  12. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1284495820' post='482176'] 1. take toothpick 2. attack foil with the quickness no real method, just lots of holes. [/quote] yahh everywherree
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