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  1. missyluvshookahs

    Newbie From The Needles, California Area...

    QUOTE (alexgruve87 @ Oct 28 2008, 04:24 PM) Hey Melissa, Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your son. I honestly know what you mean by needing to relax. I went through a time when I was depressed, almost a year ago, and I was having anxiety and panic attacks, and I picked up smoking and it really did help me. When ever I felt like I was going to have an attack I sat down and had a cigarette, and it really did help. I am actually from Mohave Valley, AZ so I know where Needles is, I am 19, I live in Los Angeles now, but I'm not sure, I might have known your son. Either way, good luck with everything. Be strong. Alex UMGD My Dearest Alex, Thank you for responding to my message!!! I certaintly hope that you knew my son!!! His name was Andrew James Smith & he attended River Valley High School!!! He was due to graduate from that school back on 06, so he was a lil bit older then you cuz he would of been 21 now!!! As you can imagine, I do miss him like crazy because I was told that he had a lot of friends @ River Valley, & that school was awesome to him & I also miss my daily interactions that I had with them!!! I wish that perhaps by some miracle you did know him because he was an awesome son, & an awesome friend to all who had the oppertunity to know him!!! Have a wonderful day!!! Keep in touch!!! Missy
  2. missyluvshookahs

    Arizona Smokers Az

    QUOTE (Kc-Bassist @ Aug 1 2008, 11:08 PM) Bullhead City AZ here Hey there!!! My name is Missy, & I would love to go smoke with you @ your place!!! I live in Needles, & I joined this forum in the hopes that I too, could find a hookup, so I am glad to have FINALLY found someone who lives nearby me that I could smoke with!!! I recently lost my 18 year old son back on November 27 th, of 2005 & I realize that his 3 rd anniversary is fastly approaching, & ever since he passed away, I have not been able to RELAX, & that is what lead me to be willing to try something that's new & exciting that I have NEVER tried before, & I heard that smoking a hookah is a wonderful way to RELAX, so if you would like to show me the wonderful world of what smoking a hookah is all about, I would greatly appriciate it!!! Get in touch with me right away, so that we can get this started!!! Thanx for taking the time to read my message!!! Have a wonderful evening...
  3. Hello, my name is Melissa, & I reside in the Needles, California area!!! I joined this forum because I am 37 years old, & I want to find other likeminded people who also reside in my area that share this same interest as I do!!! I have a rather sad story to share with anyone who would care to read this!!! Back on November 27 th, of 2005, my then 18 year old son passed away in his sleep due to a seizure that he had, so therefore, to this very day, I have not been able to RELAX @ all!!! I realize that his 3 rd anniversary is fastly approaching, & that is what got me wanting to be introduced what the wonderful world of hookahs is all about!!! I am willing to do anything that will help me to RELAX, & perhaps smoking a hookah just might help me to accomplish just that!!! So if you are interested in helping me to RELAX by smoking a hookah, then please don't keep me waiting!!! I want to be able to feel good again!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this message!!! Have a wonderful day to all who shall read this...
  4. missyluvshookahs

    Anyone In The Needles, California Area...

    I am brand new to to this, but I am extremely interested in meeting anyone who lives in the Needles, California area who can show me what the wonderful world of hookahs is all about!!! I recently lost my 18 year old son back on November 27 th, of 2005, & I realize that his third anniversary is fastly approaching, & I have not been able to relax since he passed away, so that is why I want to do this!!! Perhaps by smoking a hookah, that might help me to relax!!! That would be welcomed big time!!! I do not know what that is anymore, RELAXING!!! So if you can help me to achieve this, I would greatly apprieciate this very much!!! Let me know as soon as possible, thanx...