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  1. Also, I was planning on doing some research on the origins and history out of personal interest. Guess I might turn that into a useful contribution while I'm at it. More useful than my last post, anyway...
  2. [quote name='mushrat']2)   Q: Does size matter? A: Depends on who you ask. There is no real concrete answer to this question. Hookah smoking is very personal. Some people like bigger hookahs, some smaller.     This link is a good start:     [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=2379&KW=size+matter"]  http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/forum_pos...asp?TID=2379&am[/url] p;am p;KW=size+matter://http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/fo...;KW=size+matter  [/quote] That's a pretty important question, though I think we may be a bit biased. I suggest we let the few ladies that are active on this forum answer this one...
  3. I remember drinking Coke in 2004. If that had a hand in making who I am today, I guess it might serve as a warning of some kind...
  4. [quote name='Tangiers']True story told to me by a friend from the anals of Wal-Mart:The lines were exceptionally long and crowded and a Middle-Eastern man was checking out in front of my friend. She said he seemed perfectly nice and normal. He ended up coming out $5 short on like $200 of purchases, so my friend gave him the $5 so she "didn't have to wait in line any longer". Outside the man stopped her and thanked her and said (paraphrasing) "You're very kind, thank you. I want to return the favor. For you and your family's sake, don't drink any Coca-Cola in the next year."[/quote] You know it's crazy times we're living in when you can no longer tell the difference between a terrorist and a Pepsi-fan...
  5. [quote name='HookahDuck']Tangiers...You're too much man.[/quote] You have no idea how hard it is to suppress the urge to comment on that one...
  6. [quote name='Sariél']I'm not sure, it involved a lot of alcohol, a $200 bar tab, other substances, and a half bottle of 140 prook absynthe. I'm still not entirely clear how it happened.[/quote] ...are you even sure it's a girl you slept with?
  7. [quote name='MR Bubble']But it is an interesting looking machine, even if it is gimmicky. MR Bubble[/quote] "Interesting" is a term you use to describe modern art when you don't want to offend the artist. Seems appriopriate enough, though I can't say I have any problems with offending this guy per se...
  8. [quote name='Sariél']I had an old girlfriend visit last weekend, and it took me 4 days to get the ciggarette stink out of my place. When I told her she could smoke inside, I didn't realize that she would go through 3 packs in 2 days. Plus she drank all my beer! And invited over her friend who I accidentally slept with last year.[/quote] How do you sleep with someone accidentally, anyway? Did you like, trip during a bad case of somnambulism and fall right into her, or...?
  9. [quote name='Vlax']Go to hookahcompany.com/faq.htm It has the the percentages of nicotine and what not. for the hookah and ciggs. But I say it is still unhealthy, and to be taken with a grain of salt.[/quote] Research has shown that reading FAQ's is indeed detrimental to one's health.
  10. Though your curiosity is only natural, experience has told me not to ask what any extra holes in products are for if their function is not immediately apparant...you may not have meant to type it down, but I think "kink" describes it perfectly.
  11. Excellent endeavour, my man! Expect a few contributions from yours truly.
  12. Oh no you DIDN'T?! *snaps fingers repeatedly*
  13. No definitive, clear-cut verdict on that one, I'm afraid. There's ton of into here, though: [url="http://http://www.sacrednarghile.com/narghile/en/health.html"]http://www.sacrednarghile.com/narghile/en/health.html[/url] Just tell your mom things could be a lot worse, like you doing crack or listening to Slipknot albums...
  14. That, my friend, would be their somewhat unorthodox gallery of products with rather disappointing overall image quality. Maybe we should ask for bigger verions?
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