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    Sup Peeps

    It's friggin amazing and I have a hookahgasm everytime I see it
  2. FrigginIrishman

    South Dakota

    Any smokers here go to USD?
  3. FrigginIrishman

    Sup Peeps

    So, just decided to sign up after reading a bunch of stuff here. I go to USD (in south dakota) and I just sit in class all day reading the info on this site and looking up hookahs. Anyway, pretty sure Im gonna order the Mya Saray Colossus in a few hours here. What do you all think of the hookah? I've already read a review in the product review section, but I'm wondering what everyone else thinks...providing you know something about it, have one, smoked out of one, or know stories of someone that's had one. I'm going to get the 4 hose model.