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  1. New To The Forums

    so the package came in today and everything looks nice. h-s forgot my windcover and one of my hose grommets but they said it will be shipped out today or monday. i am smoking a bowl of romman good times and am liking it so far.
  2. Georgia Smokers Ga

    Rome, Ga
  3. New To The Forums

    i will go run down to my local smoke shop and pick up some naturals and try both quick lite and naturals out
  4. New To The Forums

    yea, i have been reading some post about how people have knocked hookah over and their animals running into them and what not, good thing we just got new carpet upstairs and have about 40sq ft of leftovers. The hookah came with 2 50g packs of Romman, which seems to have decent reviews, so I am looking forward to Friday to break it in. I will post photos of the new set up when I get it. I think that I will smoke downstairs in the unfinished floor since my mother will be home and she has bad allergies, but when she isnt there I will smoke in the main living area and my room.
  5. New To The Forums

    haha, probably will
  6. New To The Forums

    I figured I would go outside to light the coal and then bring it back in. Don't natural coals take a while to light?
  7. New To The Forums

    NICE! it looks that by Friday I will be smoking. Can't wait I am stoked.
  8. New To The Forums

    Everyone seems to be extremely friendly, and steeeve the classification "noob" doesn't offend me. I understand why you are saying it I think, I think you mean a noob at running the bowl good, keeping it heated well and what not; but hell everyone has to start at the beginning. I do have a question about indoor smoking though. My dad and I would like to smoke indoors but we are not sure that it would be a good idea, we do not want the smoke to "stain" the furniture and give the house a bad smell. Will smoking the hookah inside do this or any other negative side affects? There is always the option to going into the unfinished bottom floor and smoking, but would prefer to smoke in the comfort of a couch with a television in front of us? So basically my question is what are the pros and cons of indoor smoking?
  9. New To The Forums

    well thats good to know that it should last a while.
  10. New To The Forums

    Also, how long does 100g of tobacco normally last if I only smoke once or twice a week?
  11. New To The Forums

    it does seem to be reasonably priced
  12. New To The Forums

    what do you think the best brand of shisha to buy?
  13. So hey to all, my name is Jeffery. I am a networking student at a local technical college and have a 7 month old daughter. I decided to get a hookah 2 days ago and was looking around online and decided to order from hookah-shisha. I did my order online yesterday the 20th, and ended up spending a good buck getting everything. So here is my order list: 1 Egyptian Pharaoh double hose hookah silver shaft with green pyramid base 1 Romman 50g good times flavor 1 Romman 50g sweet start flavor 1 box of Three Kings Coals (10 Box) 33mm 1 rubber hose-end flip cap the hookah itself comes with: 2 rolls of instant light coals (brand not specified) 1 carrying bag 1 bowl screen 1 set of tongs 1 cleaning brush 1 egyptian style bowl 1 base protector 10 mouth tips 5 filters 1 tradtional wind cover I hope I will be satisfied with my order as I am really excited and the wait seems unbearable. I know that I will probably need some help learning how to smoke good, but all comes with practice and a few pointers from the experienced. Any suggestions will be graceously accpeted, and I will give new hookah smokers suggestions as well when I get to know things.