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  1. Karot


    Penny Arcade commented on this in their recent video they put up. [url="http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/pa-the-series/123/"]http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/pa-the-series/123/[/url] If you havent ever watched these, then I highly recommend it.
  2. Karot

    Need New Keyboard - Suggestions?

    Saw that one on slickdealz too, but by the time I clicked on add to cart, they were out of stock =/
  3. Karot

    Need New Keyboard - Suggestions?

    After looking around I realize I have no idea what to get now. I wish more of the specialty keyboards were on display at stores so I could give them a go. I'm starting to lean more towards a gaming keyboard due to my previous one being fairly large and I need more desk space.
  4. So my microsoft ergonomic 4000 decided to die today, at least four of the keys did. It might just be some moisture under the keys cause I think a few drops got on it. Before when thats happened its gone for sure. Im gonna let it sit for a while and see if it gets better but I doubt it. Anyways I'm used to ergonomic keyboards but if theres any other sweet boards out there, I'm open to suggestions. Preferably under $80. I'm using an old "normal" board atm and its already sort of infuriating getting used to it. Should I just buy what I'm used to or try something new?
  5. Karot

    Fire Marshall

    Hookah box sounds doable. Or tables that split in half with holes that wrap around the base, if that makes sense. Just make a weekend out of it and get some cheap ass particle board or something
  6. Karot

    Hookah On Msnbc

    I don't necessarily mind ignorant people so much, it's a clear sign of people I know I don't ever need to talk to. It's when they start spreading lies and trying to force their uninformed view on people is when I get irritated.
  7. [quote name='mitchard' date='06 May 2010 - 02:26 AM' timestamp='1273137982' post='466928'] As with any business opportunity, dealing with acquaintances and friends in matters involving money lending isn't always the best idea. I would love to see another bar open up in the Seattle area, but I think it would be a bad business move at this time. With two (and I head a thrid now?) bars open in the city, the market is a little flooded unfortunately. But in any case, good luck with your plans. [/quote] You're correct, a third bar just opened up in the capitol hill area next to Seattle U. It's called the cobra lounge but I have yet to visit there. Apparently they have "bob marley" bowls that contain kava kava and some other stuff to help relax you.
  8. Karot

    Moon Landing

    Even if it was fake, which I seriously doubt, the nationalism it instilled in the people was of great significance for that time. Increasing country's morale is always important. There are a lot of points that can be addressed with this issue and I don't have the time to think about them all right now. A happy citizen is a good citizen right? While it might have been just an attempt to appease the people and put down those dirty commies, it worked didnt it? Again I realize there are flaws with this idea, but it's just something to think about.
  9. Karot

    Funny Pics Thread

    Oh that makes sense. Yeah I'd say that is definitely the worst one of the bunch then. Some of those are pretty clever though
  10. [url="http://engrishfunny.com/"]http://engrishfunny.com/[/url] for all your hilarious engrish needs
  11. Karot

    Cartoons Past And Present

    [quote name='KeepItSimple' date='27 April 2010 - 11:01 PM' timestamp='1272434517' post='465819'] [quote name='ryno' date='27 April 2010 - 09:11 PM' timestamp='1272427909' post='465804'] Not cartoon but close enough, anyone remember Dinosaurs? [/quote] Hell yea dude. I had their CD that they put out too. I was young when that was on. I'm gonna go youtube it. I still remember the episode where one of them dies and goes to heaven and is brought back, and explains it all the them. [/quote] I had their casette tape.... I'm not old I swear Im 21
  12. Karot

    Funny Pics Thread

    I don't whatever you're supposed to see on the KFC one. It makes me feel stupid cause I'm sure its pretty blatant.
  13. Karot

    Salaam Free Sample

    You can invent a time machine, go back a little bit more than a year, and ask again.
  14. I usually go with two whole cocos on a medium/small tangiers phunnel (I say medium/small cause its either a small medium or a large small) and that seems to work pretty well. Might be a little much as I notice that after about 10-15 minutes of them burning down it smokes a bit better. Or that could just be the bowl warming up.
  15. Karot

    Smoking Skoal

    [b]There is NOT fiberglass in chew.[/b] This is a very common myth. Salt crystals can appear in chewing tobacco which can look similar to fiberglass. As far as smoking it I'd say give it a try. I would think it'll be harsher than normal but who knows.