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  1. Most everyone here has read my opinion of acrylics.  They are the best you can get.  Cleanup, durability, idiot proof, awesome in general.  if you have a source for an MYA for 35.00 buy it and email me the link so I can get a second one. 
  2. I liked their raspberry (sorry guys) their apple, and their double apple.  The grape was a little too sickly sweet for me.
  3. I don't believe there is anything that filters it out more, but since nicotine I believe is a water soluable chemical the negligable amount that is being sucked down the pipe is further diminished by the water filtration.
  4. yeah the more smoke is from the honey.  I dunno if I will try it.  have you ever tasted burnt honey.  yuck.  but as long as you keep the coals moving and dont burn it go for it.  but man could that be a birtch to clean if it dries in your stem.
  5. household foil is toxic when placed into direct contact with prolonged heat.  doesn't hurt you when you cook with it but when inhaling it is not a happy thing.  Like most unhappy things its not going to put you in the ground tonight, but if you used it every day it will have detrimental effects.  please just use the hookah foils, besides they are already precut.
  6. Inhale all the way.  If you are doing it right it feels like nothing more than pulling in a long draft of say fog on a humid morning.  I can't take in even a regular cig without choking usually and the smoke from my hookah is smoother than a fine porcelain. Tastes like happy.
  7. I was recently up at my brother in law's place.  I gave him a small 9 inch travel hookah for christmas last year, you can see picks of it in the gallery.  It smokes great I have one myself.  Well I decided to show him the real thing and I got out my MYA acrylic.  Well we were smoking with 4 or 5 of his friends, and decided to try some extra in the base.  Well we hit on Lime flavored gin and mint AF as one of out combinations.  Anyone who has had AF mint knows its great by itself.  You aren't going to get high off of it with 6 guys on a single hose but it just tastes and smokes great.  Well I poured about 5 ounces of gin into the base and ohh my god.  It hit you like a ton of bricks.  With that many of us it didnt mess anybody up but the lime gin flavor mixing with the mint was awesome.  It is not for the feint of heart.  It is a very insense flavor/sensation and I do believe that if it were only one or two people it would get you pretty happy.  Just thought Iw ould share adn reccomend the experience.  Must find more flavored gins.  Stuff drinks like sh*t but smokes like vegas.
  8. Well if you are really pressed to get rid of teh stuff I certainly wouldn't mind giving them a try.  I havent had any of those flavors previously.
  9. I agree that those look like sultans.  I am not sure about the "mitsuba" hose.  It looks like a standard wrapped leather hose.  If you like the price go for it.
  10. Always glad to see a new hookah enthusiast having a good experience.  and you do seem to have a lovely new piece of equipment.  I hope she gives you years of enjoyment.
  11. may be a repost but it is ohhh so nice.  may need to add it and its big borthers to my must have list.
  12. you can get much more inexpensive ones than those.  Look at places like hookah-shisha.com who have discount areas.  I know h-s has some really nice ones down under 40 bucks. But definately keep shopping around.  Though I would definately not go the ebay rought.  never know exactly what you are getting.
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