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  1. ShadowsHaze

    Bad Side Effects From Hookah

    erufiku: That's the one thing I did ask and their response was "charcoal". I was tempted to say "Well, no sh*t sherlock." They have some sort of grill in the back that's on a screened in patio area where they heat up the coal. Next time I'll ask the guys working out there because they'll probably know more.
  2. ShadowsHaze

    Bad Side Effects From Hookah

    Wow, thanks for all the replies guys. I'll take this from the first post to the most recent at the time I hit the reply button. r1v3t, from what I remember I was full and I bought two bottles of water the way I normally do when I go there. Dry air might be a problem because it was a bit cold last night. Rayneuki and inino: I'll be sure to keep an eye on the coals and the shisha. QuiltedMaple and crash: When I get lightheaded I know already that it's CO which is why I go outside for some fresh air. Getting all the other side effects really scared the living hell out of me, but I'm going back next weekend. drabin: I'll definitely find out next weekend. I'll request a larger hookah too to get less CO. voski: GLUE?! haha
  3. Okay, so I went to a hookah bar last night and about 15 minutes in, the smoke from all four hookahs on the table was harsh (even though the water was ice cold) and I started to feel really lightheaded. That was fine because I know how to get rid of it when it happens from hookah (go outside, sit down, close your eyes and count to 15), but this time it was definitely different. I started getting really sweaty (to the point where my t-shirt was getting wet) and I felt like I was running a fever for a little while. My eyes hurt too, so I took a long break (45 minutes) and the sweatiness and all went away except for the harshness of the smoke after about two hits so I just sat back and decide to kick it until everyone was ready to leave the hookah bar. Then, this morning, I woke up to a bit of a nose-bleed which I first thought was from bringing the hookah smoke out from my nose but I know it can't be because I've done that before with nothing like this happening. What gives? Has this happened to anyone else before? I know about carbon monoxide poisoning and how it can happen from smoking hookah, but I doubt all the effects were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.
  4. ShadowsHaze

    What Ethnic Background...

    My mothers side is Cuban, fathers side is Polish, Russian and Israeli. Hookah is not in my ancestry. (Bummer.)
  5. ShadowsHaze

    Newbie Questions

    Firstly, welcome! Now, as to your questions: 1) Shisha never alters ones conscious levels. I've done sessions (as in, more than one) as long as 4 hours and afterwards I was fine. The only difference in me was that I'm normally quiet but became more outgoing. However, the effects only lasted and were only present in an extremely comfortable atmosphere-- a nice hookah bar. 2) I can't help you there since I don't have one myself... yet. 3) Hints for tricks: When bringing the smoke out, don't blow. Instead, slowly exhale. The smoke will be a lot thicker. As for smoke rings and all, that's something I recommend you learn from someone you can see and meet in person. I don't think I can show you online, even through a video. Besides, I'm not an expert at it myself. I do philosophize too. I had long sessions, so there was plenty of time to goof off and philosophize. 4) Sites for hookah? I think there are only forums. Everything else is a market-type website (as you already found out. Overpriced? Yes, for the most part. I'm of Jewish blood too though... ). Hope to be seeing more of you on the forums.
  6. ShadowsHaze

    Obama Or Mccain?

    Neither. I'm voting third party. I dislike McCain because his policies are somewhat liberal and pandering to some over others. I dislike Obama because all records show that when a candidate looking for high office preaches change and actually uses the words change and hope in getting the people hyped, change most definitely occurs-- for the worse. Castro (coincidentally) preached hope and change in 1959 in Cuba. My family was witness to this. Chavez also preached hope and change, did he not? Look at the circumstance of present day Venezuela and Cuba. Those in high power get the money and everyone else get's nothing. Besides, something is awfully questionable about Obama's life. He was extremely poor and didn't get good grades but somehow he got into an Ivy League school? How did he pay for it? Who helped him? How did he go from being a C student to a great student? If he graduated with a B.A. in '83 from Colombia and he was born in '61, that means he was 17 or 18 when he started at Colombia in '79. There's NO WAY possible he had the money prior, and if he got the money, it had to have been through illegal activities or a very gracious gift from someone (which is the basis for the Ayers argument).
  7. ShadowsHaze

    Depression Ftl

    Giant , I get the feeling I'm somewhat depressed too sometimes, but I'm sure some part of me is in denial of the big picture. I think I have been since I was young. I was always the outcast and it always felt like other people were alienating me, but I realized eventually that it was me alienating myself from other people, and (spur of the moment thought:) maybe it was a self-destructive behavior. I think what helped the most for me was finding a new way to live in terms of a mindset. I believed for a long period of time that I couldn't control my life, but like you I realized that I could, and that definitely put things in perspective for me and set me down another, much better, path. Looking at the responses here and all, I realize too that I had (and still have) too much time on my hands. Even though for the most part I put it to good use mentally by thinking philosophically about many things, I still feel like I don't have a purpose to my life and I feel it's a combination of my surroundings and my somewhat-present laziness. (I hate to use that word, but putting it in a blunt way works best.) That's something I know I really need to work on. (Maybe I should work in a hookah bar! ) Things that I found that help me are comedy, music and compassionate friends. As for comedy, YouTube is heaven. Find a few comedians you like (some of my favorites include Russell Peters and Jeff Dunham) and/or find old-school comedians and find their old acts (i.e. Bill Cosby). Also, laugh all you like at me, but some of the old Ernie and Bert skits make me laugh larder than any comedian. (Again, YouTube is the best!) In terms of music, almost anything is good. Basically whatever floats your boat. I do suggest you give Kid Rock's new album (Rock n' Roll Jesus) a chance though. If you like him, find other Southern Rock artists that suit your tastes and have at 'em! For friends, both friends in person and friends on the internet are great. When I had self-esteem issues both types of friends really helped me find my way. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. Ah yes, and don't forget to forget about that macho-style attitude in today's society. People break down every once in a while and they do cry. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, most women like a man who shows emotion. Even though I don't like what sets off crying, I love nothing more than having a girl hug me and just letting me talk it out with them. It brings the two sexes together in a way. (Yes, I always try to find something good in something bad... Ever have a girl put your head on her chest in a way that wasn't sexual but emotional? It's lovely... )
  8. ShadowsHaze

    Explorer 8 Is Trash

    On Windows, Firefox trumps IE. On Mac, I say Safari all the way.
  9. ShadowsHaze


    www.myspace.com/imcubasfinest Tell me that you're from here first though, or I won't add you. (Spammers SUCK and I wouldn't want to think you're one!)
  10. ShadowsHaze


    QUOTE (infiniteslip @ Oct 20 2008, 10:47 AM) lol, I don't see anything wrong with enjoying both! Nothin like walkin down the beach at night puffin a nice cigar....ahhh yes.... ...And then going to a hookah bar and enjoying a nice, long session.
  11. ShadowsHaze

    New York Smokers Ny

  12. ShadowsHaze


    Hey! The hookah culture impressed me too, but I'm fairly new to it. Even though I'll never give up my humidor for a hookah, I might decide to have both.
  13. ShadowsHaze

    New From Nyc!

    QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Oct 18 2008, 07:33 PM) Hey whats up man? Glad you've fallin in love with hookah too! It's a whoooole nother world of depth when you get into this forum stuff. Enjoy and hope to see you on the forum! Cool screenname by the way for some reason it reminds me of kingdom hearts. If you dont have a setup already I HIGHLY suggest you check out the forum in general/reviews/chat and ask plenty of questions if you cant find the answers you need. PEACE! I can tell already that by being in this forum I'm going to gain a whole new appreciation of the hookah lifestyle. What exactly do you mean by a setup?
  14. ShadowsHaze

    New From Nyc!

    Hey all, what's up? Like Hookahboi, I'm pretty new to hookah, but I had my first at a hookah bar. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the people were a blast, which told me that hookah-ers must be some pretty awesome people. I was just checking around the forums and I already knew from the start that you guys are my sort of people. Hope to get to know you all better and to get into hookah life through you all. Talk to you guys on the boards! Happy Hookah!