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  1. m4yhem

    Favorite Mix Review

    Layalina Kiwi and Layalina Bahrani Apple 50/50 mix The Kiwi tastes great on the inhale, and the Apple is sweet on the exhale Mya Bambino Vortex Bowl Reynolds Wrap HD, small holes with two circles around the outside diameter approx 1/8" apart "Slushie" Water - ice and water in a mixer and make it come out margarita style!
  2. m4yhem

    Vortex Hookah Bowl

    I switched over to a Vortex Bowl (yeah, go ahead and send me fanboy complaints) from the Myas... I just don't see myself spending a whole lot of money on a bowl (greater than $10), so I figured it was worth a try... I picked two of them up for $5.60 ea from homeofthehookah.com (unfortunately they are only in blue and white). I pack the shisha light and fluffy, and cover with foil... and poke about three rows of wholes around the edge, SMALL holes Then I rotate a 3 Kings 40mm around the outside... I usually go through about 4 charcoals in one bowl. The difference was huge. Less tobacco, longer lasting flavor, smoother... I get smoke within about 15 seconds of placing the charcoal too. Call me a hypocrite but I just can't spend money on a phunnel, however I would eventually like to get one of the glass phunnels... Fits my Mya Bambino tightly, and also covers most of the gommet so coals in the tray won't burn the bottom of the rubber.
  3. m4yhem

    Mya Saray Bambino

    after smoking this bad boy for about a month or so now, i must say i am impressed great build, VERY easy to clean (the bottom of the stem can be unscrewed to clean the inside of the port holes!), portable but can still pull as well as hookah's twice it's size, cheap considering it's a mya saray, the hard case is nice, the tongs are decent (yes i've had cheap tongs before, they suck) i am going to order a 2nd one for my wife on another note, been smoking with vortex bowls (sue me) on it, they fit and seal just fine, and seat almost all the way to the ash tray nice and snug, without fear of breaking them bad things about this hookah: the hose it came with was pure crap... wooden ends WITHOUT metal tips, tasted HORRIBLE the first three or four times I smoked with it (guess it needed to be broken in?), and the hose seemed to be too big inside for the hookah, ie. the hose could pull more air than the hookah is designed for... but i recommend getting one of the basic wooden end hoses with metal tips, also the bowl it comes with is rather cheap but that's usually a given in my mind this is THE portable hookah to have... do not even mess with that cheap ass pumpkin
  4. m4yhem

    All Mya Bowls (Post All Varieties Here)

    I've used the shallow bowls and the deeper Mya bowls. I found the trick with the Mya is to use more charcoal and constantly move it, and if you still have wasted shisha, but a layer of foil underneath the shisha then another on top. The double layer also makes it easier to clean and less prone to stains, but it will still stain some.
  5. m4yhem

    Mya Saray Bambino

    I just ordered a Bambino (this is about my 4th or 5th hookah) and I am waiting it's arrival. After debating for some time between the QT and Bambino I came to this conclusion because I want a small hookah that comes with a hard case. I really like the QT better and have smoked from both of them at a friend's house... but I share the two main issues with the QT: the top rubber gommet can be burned at the tray, and the ball bearing sticks. I haven't really noticed any issues with the Bambino and was reading reviews looking for one, but it's only minor details. I have owned several "generic" cheap hookahs, mostly purchased in Iraq while I was deployed. Some were "OK" while others were below par. The most annoying hookah I have owned was a very well built hookah that I think was made out of copper (yes, WTF?) and put out an awful metallic taste with the tobacco. Needless to say it went back to where it came from really quick. I owned two cheap, chinese hookahs that sealed well and smoked well, but didn't last as they were subject to serious rust/corrosion, and were thrown away after about 6 months. I did manage to pick up two different styles of the now infamous "Pumpkin", one with a detachable ash tray and one without. The rest of the hookah was the same between the two. Pros on the Pumpkin: Small, convinent, got the job done, smoked well once you figured out how to fill the water level just right. Cons: Unstable base, hose was too stiff and too short, ash tray way too small, plastic stem doesn't feel "stout", top grommet can be burned by the charcoal in the ash tray... if you don't know what you are doing and are a hookah noob, DO NOT BUY A PUMPKIN, you will hate it. Needless to say I "modified" these by using a different hose and another ash tray on top of the small one. They worked OK after that, until I knocked it off my desk and broke the bowl. The bowls for these are Lebanese style and are hard to find (at least I couldn't find one in Iraq, but southsmoke.com has them.) I have an "Isis" at home that I bought from southsmoke.com (it's now discontinued, and sold as a slightly different model called "The Shadow") while it was gorgeous for a while, the metal is starting to wear... chrome is chipping and metal underneath is rusting. The rubber gomment for the vase fell apart for some reason or another and I have yet to find a replacement that fits - right now some card board surrounded by duct tape is sealing the base, and not sealing it 100%. This is a thin aluminum stem around a brass tube and in my opinion is cheaply made compared to Mya's. Needless to say the whole hookah is scrap minus the hose, bowls, and the ash tray. I bought this hookah for my wife, yet she rarely smokes it because she hates to clean it (it's 29" tall.) I am going to try the Bambino for myself and maybe order her a one if I like it. I have an Arab friend (who actually got me hooked on these in Iraq) who swears that Mya's are the best thing on earth, and I've smoked from several of his and I agree they are nice. He has a Bambino, QT, an Orb, and a very nice crystal one, and he has always liked the Mya's EXCEPT for the Mini Orb one - he didn't like how the rubber gommet set in the acrylic vase, for some reason he could never get it to seal right. As far as personal preference, I always use Three Kings Charcoal (40mm), I like the Mya ceramic bowls, and I like a variety of tobacco such as: Starbuzz, specifically their Blueberry, delicious. Golden Al-Fakher... I love their Bahrani Apple, to me it has a slight licorice taste. Layalina has some good flavors, I particularly like the Kiwi and Grape. This is what I usually smoke because the price is good. This is my first post, nice board you got here. Any input is greatly appreciated.