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  1. darkelven

    Af Grape

    I think it's something to do with how much coal you have on it. I got a 250g pack of Golden Grape (Al Fahker) which started great, went into ketchup when I added another coal, then slowly went back to a nice grape flavour as the heat died down. I'm no expert, but it seemed as though as your draw, if you let a bit of air in next to the pipe, the grape flavour really comes through. No idea why, or if I was just imagining it... but give grape another go and see how it turns out. You could always reserve the grape for when your out of decent stuff. Or try to flavour it yourself.
  2. Not much has happened yet. I've made an online purchase but it hasn't arrived yet. Only 250g (or 5, 50g packs) so it should 'slip through' customs. Still.. with the exchange rate and the shipping they charge, the price worked out to be very close to what we pay here; about $3 difference. This means I either have to pay the asked $55 for 250g here, or risk larger packages being sent over and checked by customs. I hear some people getting away with 1.5kilo packs, so that may be worth a try. Recently I paid over $200 for three 250g al fahker boxes, plus a bag of coal and 50g of herbal (soex) to try. If the herbal is anywhere near decent, I'll have some of that shipped over, maybe. It just looks like we're at the rough end of the stick down under. Poor shipping, tax, and exchange rate. It all adds up to a pathetic deal when it comes to shisha. And there's not much we can do about it. Also, while I'm here.. I might as well ask if it's normal to charge $28 for shipping overseas. This was the cheapest option with others going up above $100. This may be where my problem lies.
  3. darkelven

    Shisha In Perth

    I hate the current prices in Perth, but we really don't have much choice. We can get it shipped, with the postage making up the difference in price, and then risk customs getting it and taxing our asses. There's a afghani place next to a pizza shop in Dogswamp (on wanneroo rd, you'll see hookahs in the window), but $20 for 50g Al Fahker, not good. There's joint venture in perth, haystreet. They generally sell Afzal 250g for $55 each. And in Hilarys there's a place called House of Egypt that sells a good range of supplies; 250g Al Fahker for $60. Any place South of the river I haven't looked into yet, and likely wont. Fuel costs prohibit too much driving. If you're after coals, head down to Hilarys and get a bag of coal (100 pieces) for $10. I got a discount there when I got a few boxes of Al Fahker. They also sell the herbal shisha at a good price. $10 for 50g, so I grabbed a pack to try out. It's the Soex that everyone says is terrible, but I'd like to see for myself. If it's bareable, I'll see about getting some Black Lable shipped over. Anyhow, hope this was of some use to people looking for shisha in Perth.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys I think I got a handle on things now.
  5. QUOTE (steeeeeeve @ Oct 17 2008, 10:21 AM) i personally recommend mn hookah for importing as they far as i know dont get custom raped too often and they will be honest on the shipping price from my experience I've given them an email but haven't received a response yet. I did get an enthusiastic reply from Neal.. but I'm a little bit dubious. I got a quick reply form customs who had some disappointing news. Now I know what 'taxed to hell' means... I'll quote part of their reply to me below: QUOTE All imported tobacco products attract duty and GST when they arrive in Australia. From 24 June 2008 the duty on Molasses tobacco is now on the total weight of the tobacco. the duty is A$318.14 per kilo of tobacco. 10% GST also applies. When the tobacco arrives in Australia you will be sent an assessment Notice stating that duty and taxes is applicable. Once you pay the applicable duty and taxes at the Post Office, Australia Post will deliver your tobacco in their usual way. This does make me wonder about a few things.. It means that the 250g of shisha I was expected to pay $55 for would have had a stamp duty of roughly $75, plus whatever the cost of the actual item is. So it's more likely that the goods were produced here, and they are just using the obscene duty prices to warrant their excessive prices. It seems that I may be forced to go the herbal option... despite several comments saying it isn't the best. I'll stay away from Suex (spelling?) as that's the worst, I hear. I may try to sneak a 250g pack of real shisha in the delivery.. but it seems my options are very limited.
  6. I've had to post a message to our customs department here in Australia. No one else seems to know how much tax gets charged, nor anything on weight limits, or likelihood of packages being tagged for inspection. In any case.. I'll post what I find here when I get a response.
  7. darkelven

    Australian Smokers

    I'm from Perth too. Anyone know of any decent places to get shisha, let me know.
  8. QUOTE (Kapten Kanel @ Oct 15 2008, 08:11 AM) You may have seen my recent thread about importing shisha, im about to try it soon, aiming at about 1,5kg of shisha. It seem like at least in Sweden its possible to slip through customs without getting hit by apocalyptic taxes, should be possible in Australia too. I've had one person message me saying that smaller packages are more likely to slip through customs; 250g sizes. I've been messaging several shisha companies with requests for details on taxes and shipping costs. I'll be sure to post what details I find out.
  9. darkelven

    Buy Request

    QUOTE (Tikhman @ Oct 15 2008, 06:45 AM) contact mnhookah.com They are generally one of the best companies to do international business with. Thanks for the reply. I've given them, and a range of other online stores a message with requests for shipping and tax info. I'll post my results here (when I have them).
  10. QUOTE (AKammenzind @ Oct 15 2008, 07:28 AM) One solution would be to buy pipe tobacco if it's cheaper, and make your own shisha. Boil the tobacco, then drain/squeeze dry, add glycerine, honey, and some flavored oils. It's a bit of work but it may prove to be worth looking into if you're a DIY type. That's actually a decent suggestion I'll have a look at what pipe tobacco costs here and see what can be done. Cheers for the advice. Edit: Seems that pipe tobacco here is about as expensive as the shisha we have here, so the cost would be roughly the same, less the effort.
  11. I'm astounded at all the prices you guys are quoting for shisha. I've only got 3, maybe 4 places in Perth (Western Australia) that I know about that sell shisha. What we pay.. 250g Afzal, $55. And we usually buy a few boxes at a time. I've seen people complain about paying $15 for 250g, near a quarter of the price I'm asked to pay. So my solution is to get some shipped over, but I have no idea about customs laws and tabacco taxes. I would think that the tax couldn't be nearly as much as the mark-up that our stores have put on their shisha. In any case, I'd like some input on whether other people in Australia have ordered goods in, how much things were, where to buy from, and whatever other details I should know about. A solution that one shop owner gave me was to just get the herbal stuff shipped, but from reports I've seen, it's bad (like woodchips, one person said). So I'll not be going down that path. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm a little desperate as my supplies are running low. I'm sure you know how it is..
  12. darkelven

    Buy Request

    I'm new here, mostly because I've been forced into action. A few months ago shisha prices here were decent. Now they've gone up more than double. I took a good look around and saw that other places sold shisha, of better quality and quantity, for much lower prices. What I'm hoping to achieve here is some bulk purchases of a range of flavours (yes, not flavors; I'm in Australia), and have them posted to me. I'm looking to get at least $100 (AUD) worth, maybe larger purchases in the future when I know things work out smoothly. I'm buying for a group of blokes that have a games room and we smoke shisha regularly. I'm happy to pay up front, provided I've seen some evidence of previous transactions being completed. I have a paypal account, if that's suitable, but would prefer to do bank deposits. I had hoped to have some shisha ready for this weekend, but it seems like I may have to bite the bullet and get at least one small (expensive) pack for the interrium. If anyone knows of some place in Perth (Western Australia), where I can get some in short order, I'd be greatly appreciative. Otherwise, any offers you have for bulk purchases would be great. A nice variety of flavours, but not so many I cant remember which one was which. Nice one! Kris