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  1. dafunk5446

    Whos Down With The Clown.

    First time I heard ICP was about 13-14 years ago, back in junior high. I cant say I like them now, and I was never a juggulo.....but the Great Milenko will always hold a special place in my heart reminding myself of when I was a stupid young fuck head.
  2. dafunk5446

    Using Your Username

    Yup i use dafunk5446 for everything
  3. dafunk5446

    Mya Qt Comparing To A Km

    There is no comparison, get a KM
  4. dafunk5446

    The Official Show Your Turkey Thread

    As soon as I saw the title of this thread I knew who posted it....
  5. dafunk5446

    No Science To Support Climate Change

    QUOTE (destructo @ Nov 23 2009, 02:23 PM) i cant find the picture but it shows the sources of CO2 gas and something like 3% is man made. and some huge percent like 80 some is from decaying plant and animal life. to top this off we arent making any more carbon. we are just taking stuff that use to be in the atmosphere and reintroducing it. did you also know back in the Cretaceous period the CO2 level was 6x what it is today and 4C hotter. going even farther back in time it was hotter. Back when plants fulled the world it was 8C hotter. green tech is a scam. instead of researching hybrid tech we should be developing high temp super conductors for the power grid since ~50% of energy is lost as heat from resistance and making more efficient solar cells, since what it boils down to every form of energy besides nuclear is just transformed solar energy. Or at least use palm trees for biodiesel since they make ~900L/acre and iirc (i dont fee like looking thought my papers) corn only makes ~4 Those are some very good points....but the problem is the earth isnt completely covered in plants like it was then. If conditions continue and the permafrost melts we will see a massive increase in the amount of methane released, compounding the problem. I also doubt it will be possible for plant life to respond quickly enough to combat these problems.
  6. dafunk5446

    No Science To Support Climate Change

    QUOTE (FSUReligionMan @ Nov 23 2009, 01:38 PM) Sorry, I usually stay out of your threads but this is just stupid. First of all, anyone who knows anything about meteorology knows that global warming IS happening. 2005 was the hottest year on record in the history of science, since then earth has entered into it's routine cooling cycle, yet the ocean temps are rising. If you knew that hotter temps causes more clouds which caused cooling then you'd understand why the average temps have gone down since 2005, increased cloud coverage means more cooling on land yet ocean temps rising means even more clouds which mean even more clouds, this is how the ice age happened. That is why the argument of global warming ---> ice age works. The problem with Republicans are that they do not know anything about the topics on which they speak, and as a Republican I say stop making the rest of us look like idiots. I agree with FSU completely. I also tend to stay out of scotsmans threads because we typically are polar opposites on 99% of issues. I am not a democrat or a republican, and believe a two party political shitstem is retarded. What people need to understand is that there are two different opinions regaurding global warming. One is that the earth is warming and it is in direct response to human actions such as the release of carbon from fossil fuel use. A highly debateable and difficult to measure topic. The other is that the earth is increasing in tempreature in some sort of greater climatical cyclical cycle. I am sorry, but if you cannot accept this as fact, then you need to go back to living in caves because you fail to understand any and all scientific thought and research. The earth is warming up there is NO DOUBT AT ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!! All you have to do is look at pictures of the icecaps and glaciers to see they are melting at an exponetial rate. Lets go back to 2nd grade and review. When water gets cold it freezes into ice, when ice gets warm it melts into water. You dont need a PHD and millions of dollars in government grants to understand that global warming is happening, so quit trying to debunk that theory. You can however argue that it is NOT in response to human actions, THIS IS NOT PROVEN and debatable. Like FSU said the majority of Republicans need to pull there heads out of their asses and get the story straight and realize which side of the debate they are arguing. In the same vain Democrats need to stop blurring these lines as well. All politicans are FULL OF SHIT! Also since I am in a ranting mood, people need to stop lapping up political rhetoric, and do a little independent thinking once in a while!
  7. dafunk5446

    The Forth Kind!

    I didnt think it was to bad....no Fire in the Sky, but still alright
  8. dafunk5446

    No Shave November

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMFAO Pure liquid awesomenesses Ninja. At first I thought he was a nice loving bear, judging from the hearts and shit, but obviously the teeth prove you have trained him in the ways of robotic ninjutsu.
  9. dafunk5446

    No Shave November

    QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Nov 12 2009, 05:24 PM) yesterday. With a fucked up cowboy hat and a bear you could be a modern day Grizzly Adams. Good work
  10. dafunk5446


    I would say AF style... but thats cause I dont pack any of my Nak like tangiers.
  11. dafunk5446

    No Shave November

    What the shit!? No ZZ Top?!? I would be so down for this......if I could grow more then a chin strap and a soul patch....and even that is half assed Damn Native American DNA
  12. dafunk5446

    Anyone Else Get This?

    Oxygen deprivation, would be my guess. Are you smoking by yourself when this happens? I know I get all loopy when I smoke by myself, just cause I have no one to pass the hose to and take a break...
  13. dafunk5446

    G@#$)*$ D@#)@*$_$#

    That sucks dude, I had someone break into my car last year, and steal my deck, Ipod hook up, cds, fly rod, and my fishing back pack. I added it up close to two grand. Kinda makes you want to install some booby traps huh?....Indiana Jones style.
  14. dafunk5446

    What Is Your Secret Hobby?

    QUOTE (cotsi95 @ Oct 27 2009, 09:58 PM) QUOTE (dafunk5446 @ Oct 27 2009, 09:06 PM) Not that it is a secret but Fly fishing, fly tying, building custom fly rods pretty much consume my entire life.....it is really sad. I have a shit ton of little vials of bugs I have collected at streams which I look at while tying flies so I can more closely imitate what trout eat...yeah tell me that isn't dorky...FML lol Austin one day ill have u teach me how to tye flys ive always wanted to learn For sure dude, like all things fly fishing it really isnt hard to learn the basics, just perfecting it takes a life time.
  15. dafunk5446

    Thank You, Mattarios!

    QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Oct 27 2009, 08:23 PM) nice to see you back around dafunk Thanks dude, I've been around.....lurking, busy busy busy summer Chinamon- sorry to hijack ur thread lol