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  1. I'm in. I actually should be back to Va within a week due to con leave. So I'll crutch my ass up there whenever.
  2. Mirus

    I Just Joined The Army...

    The DS bought a 5 gallon gas container from the PX and filled it with water and told her she couldn't have her canteen back til she was done with that.
  3. Mirus

    I Just Joined The Army...

    Yes, yes I have. Also heard a few stories about some of the stupidest people in the world doing outright stupid things. Like a chick pouring out her water instead of drinking it during Hydration Station.
  4. Mirus

    I Just Joined The Army...

    That's the only thing I can't do. 2 miles in under 16 minutes. So that's what I'm focusing on for now.
  5. Mirus

    I Just Joined The Army...

    We didn't do much marching in drill, just a couple of formations. But Chem itself is kind of self-sustaining and keeps itself busy, which I like. I've already been running pretty much everyday for the last two weeks. And Deutsch, I'm going to Fort Lost in the Woods, if you know where it is. I think you should, because the other guy joining with me did his MP AIT there. I'm actually looking forward to it. And I stay away from anything that involves eggs. I can barely eat them when I cook them myself, why would I trust something else? Ugh.
  6. I just joined the Army Reserves, specifically the 377th Chem Co. I'll be a Chemical, Biochemical, Radiological and Nuclear Specialist. I have a few questions for those of you hookah smokers out there who are in the various armed forces... I start Basic in March, and I was wondering what I should focus on more: the running, or the working out? And is there anything you can say to a Drill Instructor that won't get you in trouble? And do you have any other basic tips for me? A few points I'd like to make of my experience so far: If you want anything done in the military, it's not going to get done. Or if it does, it will take a lot of standing around doing nothing to start. Recruiters will lie to you. NCOs will lie to you, but only about promotions. For the most part, they beat around the bush or just act like they didn't hear you. If you don't have a uniform, because you haven't been to basic yet, but they still want you to go to your base for your weekend a month, you'll be doing a lot of standing. Doing nothing productive. Just standing. MRE's are better than Banquet microwave meals, which means if you're like me and poor, they are AWESOME. You learn to like coffee if you don't already. And a tip from me to anyone going to their first drill weekend: Do NOT have one of those 'talks' with your girl the night before. Those talks don't end till 2am and then you have to be up at 5am to get to base to stand around all day. So please, even if it's not to do with my questions, please give me your advice, tips or comments.
  7. Lots of changes on site... wow.

  8. I found out a few other flaws. 1: The grommets it came with don't give an air-tight seal for the bowl, even the stock bowl it came with. 2: The bowl was poorly made, the glazing not even covering it to the bottom of the bowl. 3: A small dent in the handle of the hose, nothing big, but enough to pick up on. Probably due to shipping. 4: The gold paint on the base rubbed off with just water, not even scrubbing it. Just from washing out the inside with a little water getting on the outside, my fingers rubbed off the paint. I think I will be calling Chuck tomorrow to ask why I was shipped these, while not quite poor quality, but definitely under par items. I'm kind of bummed out. I expected top quality when I ordered a Khalil Mamoon and I got that. I hope he's willing to listen to the problems I've found.
  9. Well, I got my order in last night! The KM is beautiful, the coals smaller than I thought but not a problem, and the shisha is wonderful. I'll post pictures as soon as I take them. Gothookahs also sent me two 50g packs, one each of Layalina Mint and Layalina Peach. Everything has been great so far. Layalina, in my experience, isn't a heavy-cloud-shisha, but really deep, good flavors. Unfortunately, I think they changed their Blueberry recipe because now it smells and tastes like a purple tootsie pop. But Passion fruit... seriously... aw man it is soooooo delicious. Smells exactly like a strong flavored passion fruit and tastes wonderful. If only I could get clouds, this brand would be the only brand I would smoke! I tried the Mint, Strawberry Kiwi, Blueberry, and Passion Fruit last night. Today I'm gonna try for some clouds with AF Mint, then the Layalina Peach. If it weren't for the price of shipping, I'd order from Gothookahs all the time. All in all, I'd give everything a 8.5/10 as far as the customer service, quality, and product goes from Gothookahs.
  10. I was actually thinking of starting a KM trimetal collection. Are there any other sites with trimetals besides GH?
  11. I have a box of Coco's already =D So I wanted to try something new. And yea it was. I had some difficulty with my card, but Chuck called me and everything is fine now. I wish they had Layalina Vanilla, I bought some Nakhla and it seriously just about ruined my MYA QT. I will always have Ghost with me, but this will be a nice replacement. =D
  12. So I went to gothookahs.com and ordered: 1CHAREXOTExotica Charcoal Squares - 1 Kg. $8.99$8.99 1KM15GG*NEW* Khalil Maamoon 32" M3 Seshat Hookah Green #2 Extras:No Extras $89.99$89.99 1LY3250SPLayalina 3-packs Special 250 grams Layalina Flavor 1:Blueberry Layalina Flavor 2:Kiwi Strawberry Layalina Flavor 3:Passion *NEW* $22.99$22.99 Well, I found out why gothookahs.com was so inexpensive... shipping cost me $59 from Ca to Va. It was actually $29, I just upped it for 3 day delivery. My fault, but eh. What do you guys think?
  13. Mirus

    Epic Smoke (formerly Zona) Review

    Epic Smoke Pink Lemonade Cut: Very wet, and with medium sized cuts. Smell: Smelled exactly like Pink Lemonade concentrate. Smoke: Amazing clouds. Made me so happy. Taste: Actually, tasted a lot like the smell. Only problem I had with it was it burning my throat because the smoke was still hot. Duration: About an hour. Overall: 8.5/10 Great clouds while still holding flavor, the only problem I had was heat management. Actually the opposite of the heat management problem I usually have, this time I couldn't get it from NOT burning. Not in a bad way, but occasionally I'd get hot smoke that'd sting my throat. Still, a GREAT taste and amazing clouds. I'd buy again. Epic Smoke Candy Cane Cut: Same as above, maybe a bit wetter. Smell: Smelled just like peppermint. Smoke: Big, thick cooling clouds. Just great. Taste: Perfect! Spot on nailed it! Duration: About 45 minutes to an hour at most. Overall 9.5/10 Amazing! Really! I'm a huge fan of AF Mint, but this beat it. Bigger clouds, more cooling taste, and not nearly as overpowering for first timers, oddly enough. Only problem with it: Wish it could have lasted longer!! Will be smoking Epic Smoke Hurricane, a brand new flavor by them, later tonight. Reviews tomorrow.
  14. Mirus

    How Did You Get Your Username?

    Well, I'm a dork. I like things like DnD and RP Forums. Cause I got too much time on my hands. Well, I was making a character one day and started searching Latin translations of some cool words... I found Mirus Caedres, or loosely translated, 'Amazing Blood Spilt on a Battlefield'. Been using both Caedres and Mirus ever since. Had a couple WoW characters named that... blah blah blah.... I'm a dork.
  15. Who else was it that would fall asleep and their vid would freeze? Looked like an emo kid, but he was lying face down. Should I have called 911?