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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Wow, I dont come in quite a while, and everything changes, again. This is what haMFens when I commit social suicide by taking 15 hours this semester in college....

  3. HaMFy birthday girl hope you have a great one. :-)

  4. lol thank you, Boondock Saints is my shit, i love it.....R.I.P Rocko....AND Greenly...

  5. Dude, love the gif!! My sis gives props!

  6. Wow, I dont come in for a few days, and find out Tyler is banned. Im sad.
  7. YAY!! Life if going right for once. The week sucked dishwater, and got better today.

  8. ashes87

    True Or False?

    Iffy because of the fact he has slept with Angelina Jolie. Dont know what could be crawling in there. T/F - You are tired of being in college.
  9. ashes87

    True Or False?

    True and false - I wear them, but I still leave them on no matter what part of town Im in because most people know that a girl as white as I am most likely isnt in a gang. T/F - You have an addiction. (not counting hookah)
  10. ashes87

    Side Effects

    OMG!!! Thats hilarious but disgusting all at the same time. i could not stop laughing as I was reading that!!!!
  11. ashes87

    Conspiracy/End Of Time Theories

    This is exactly how the world will end - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZMwKPmsbWE
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  13. ashes87

    True Or False?

    False - I live too far from Chicago. T/F - You know how to skateboard/longboard.