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  1. Shisha was originally the name of the pipe, and Americans started calling the tobacco shisha. So, if you want to be authentic you would call the style of tobacco you are used to maassel and the pipe a shisha, but in America the term shisha can be used for tobacco and still be correct.
  2. www.hookah-shisha.com is a good site too, I have ordered from them. I would suggest a one hose hookah, it is bets even for groups. For tobacco, Rommans is good but, IMO, too expensive. I love Waha, Nakhla, Al Fakher.
  3. My philosophy Final

    Wow, that looks tough. If you ever need biology help, or maybe O-chem, let me know, but I can barely decipher whats being asked.
  4. who are PETA?

    Well, there would not be the levels of cows all over the world if people didn't eat beef.
  5. I have only had quicklights explode if I squeeze them to hard. If you have a stove, nour finger coals are the best, and if you only have a lighter 3 kings and golden quicklights are equally good.
  6. Dem Candidate for Prez in 2008

    QUOTE (stevehookah)The US is to deep to be pulled out by anyone.  Trust me..  NOBODY wants the job.  If they did, the Demos would have picked a better candidate than Kerry last run.. They picked him 'cause they knew he'd lose. Uhhh, yeah, thats good reasoning. Kerry would have been a good president, he just had no clue how to run a national campaign.
  7. Dem Candidate for Prez in 2008

    Obama is the only truly inspiring man in politics right now. He is a moral person, who respects the freedoms of others. He is just about the only politician who has any credibility on Iraq. He is truly an amazing person, who I could truly support. He is my generations Bobby Kenedy.
  8. Hookahhub order Received [PICS]

    HookahHookah was once quite popular around here, some people didn't like it of course, but it was a respected brand. But their custemor relations scared a lot of people away from the brand.
  9. Conservative candidate for 2008?

    There are no real conservative republicans who have a chance other than McCain. George Allen was one of the republicans hopes, but he destroyed his career by revealing his bigotry. So did Frist, by trying to diagnosing medical conditions, incorrectly, from the senate floor. Who is left?? The far far right usually pick the republican candidate it the primaries, but there is no viable option for them. The 2008 republican primary will be very interesting.
  10. Is it possible?

    Hookah is bad enough for you, I wouldn't suggest making it worse by adding dye. To make the colored smoke, the dye particals would need to stay solid without burning, just inhale dye dust. If it burns it would probably lose its color. You could inhale some straight congo read or acridine orange, and try to breathe out colored clouds, but that would be even worse then hookah.
  11. If people can't or shouldn't ask these questions and should just use the search, then why have a forum? Why not just turn this into an archive like the hookahwiki? I hope people keep asking about brands.
  12. I buy the gladware Tupperware. At the store I shop at it is next to the ziplock bags.
  13. Back in the game

    I have used lots of goldens, I really like them.