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  1. c4r80n

    Emo kids and the hookah

    Emo is just another stage in a pubesent, adolesent teenager. It comes and goes. But that doesn't mean I like them.
  2. c4r80n

    1999 members

    I've been pretty quiet lately. I've been working two jobs and finishing my last class for my BFA. Oh yeah, and moving. I haven't even had time to smoke! I'll be more active come christmas time. EDIT: I think my member number is 911. *ducks*
  3. c4r80n

    Naming your hookah

    No name here. But thinking about a name for my Mya QT...maybe... Stumpy Sir-Smokes-A-Lot My Precious
  4. c4r80n

    mya qt tray problem

    pshh...that's photoshoped... just kidding, awesome mod man. but i do the same as ioanisds, the grommet seems to hold it in place well enough.
  5. c4r80n

    Al Waha Peach Question

    Fumari Peach was all soapy on me too. Romman Peach is good, i'd say give that a try if you want a peach. I have no idea what could be wrong, but I've had the same problem. I'd try a standard eqyptian bowl if you have one. And I've never heard of triangle Nours. =/
  6. T-Bone Sonny Boy T-Bac Man BacMan BuzzKill NicoComa NicoTANG RawBitsOfPanther (so you know its good) just random thoughts off the top of my head.
  7. first of all...a small time vendor can't just start a magazine. all i'm fighting for is protection from the waste of time and energy. Like I said before, I thought the same way you did...but look at all the facts. and you don't know what you are going to "review" next after your two fathom reviews on ANYTHING. Any major publication will send you the product to be reviewed FIRST and THEN you write a review using the actual product. Then you send it back unless it's relatively cheap. Then proceed with payment? Perhaps he should review shisha first and send out samples, then can set up a loyalty base of writers.
  8. [quote name='Lukasa']Whats wrong with paying amateur writers with free product?     They're a website/magazine thats just starting up.  Why are you so hasty to oust them as scammers/dishonest people/ etc.  This forum REALLY needs to chiggity-check itself before it wrecks itself with paranoid finger-pointing.[/quote] would you really except "free stuff" (ex. ANYTHING/UNKNOWN) as payment after you wrote a review? What magazine ever started out with a shit website and asking for reviews at the same time?
  9. OK WTF!? Like bleeding heart said, anybody try acutally talking to someone? As a graphic designer I have a contract where they pay half up front before i even touch the project. I should expect the same from such a company. But then...there is their absolute shit of a website. Or lack there of. And then the same IP for Elite Hookah????? *SLAMS THE SHENANIGANS BUTTON* At first I felt we were being paranoid, and yeah, why not just write a review, worst thing that happends... is nothing. But why ask for random reviews, on what, anything? Why not hire actual writers? Maybe because they actaully make a decent living instead of earning "free whatever we send you" crap.
  10. test post... test test ..... i like the old one better.
  11. same with Office Space...they ate at shenanigans. i think. wait i'm second guessing myself....and that was the second time i got crabs.
  12. she means PISTOL WHIPPED....not shot.jeez./me hands milque toast a 9mm.
  13. once i started smoking hookah, i stopped smoking cigars.i don't like the taste in my mouth or the smell on my clothes for the whole day.So now I have 2 humidors full of cigars I don't smoke. Indian T-bacs, Hoyo de Montery, CAO, CAO flavours, Black Pearl, Acid blondes, la gloria cubanas, and a bunch of random singles.
  14. c4r80n

    tangiers small phunnel bowls.

    how about smaller and have the funnel part a bit lower than the rim? so the foil wont stick?
  15. just imagine that same 28% on a 250g pack. or worse, a kilo.