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  1. sunsetlounge

    Ice Bucket Mod Question

    Yeah...I don't see how that would work exactly? Just plop it on top?
  2. sunsetlounge

    Hookah Mat Idea

    that's an interesting idea
  3. sunsetlounge

    My First Km

    Grats on the hookah, have fun smoking it once you get the base!
  4. sunsetlounge

    Some Expert Help Please :d

    I think if its mainly going to be you, to get a single hose Khalil Mamoon. For shisha, I like Nakhla and Layalina. Coals, I like to use 3 Kings Quick Light coals. I just did a quick search and this site hookahshop.co.uk has a few Khalil Mamoon hookahs, Nakhla and the 3 king coals... good luck on your search.
  5. sunsetlounge

    Tobacco Storage?

    I use plastic glad tubs
  6. sunsetlounge

    Broken Hookah Stem

    I think welding it would be easiest way to fix it
  7. Nice stem, looks pretty good, but I don't like stems that are not as long as the base
  8. sunsetlounge


    Layalina Mango: The taste is quite good. I love real mango fruit and this is a good flavor for shisha. The taste is not overwhelming, and when you smell it from the tub it smells delicious. I have already smoked about over half the tub, and this is the first time I only used one 3 Kings Quick Lite coal. I used three coals before, and I think the flavor is better suited with just one coal. I really enjoy this flavor and recommend it to people who like mangos! 8/10
  9. sunsetlounge

    Think I'm Done...

    right now where i live, im 3 hours away from any shops...and where im moving to, they are mostly cigg shops and have no selection. The ONE place that does have more shisha selection charges OUT THE WAZOO on their coals (thats the only thing I dislike about the local dude). Sometimes when i have a fire in the house, i'll take some coals from the firewood and throw those on my hookah
  10. sunsetlounge

    All Mya Bowls (Post All Varieties Here)

    I bought a MYA bowl at a shop because that was all they had at the time, and I wanted a bigger bowl than the one that came with my KM Ice. I really dislike it. I dont know if it is my mind playing tricks on me, but my shisha tasted different than my glazed egyptian bowl... Big issue I have is all the shisha left on the bottom of the bowl after I smoke for over an hour or two
  11. sunsetlounge

    Views On Glolden Layalina?

    I wasnt impressed by Golden laya...I had strawberry Daiquiri - price was high which played a roll in me not being impressed
  12. I'll add to this. I've been trying to start a lounge for 4 months now...was suppose to be open feb 1st. Watch out and ask your town development office multiple multiple times if they are sure they will allow a hookah lounge. I spent 1400 dollars for my permit that they said would be issued, and on the last part of the permit being processed come to find out the health department has issues with me opening a hookah lounge. Now my permit, (that the town said would give me) is rejected and they still charged me 400 dollars for the time they worked on the permit. I basically threw 400 dollars in the trash can.
  13. sunsetlounge

    Last Hookahs For Sale

    what about bowls and hoses?