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  1. ahc87

    Shisha in the park...

    We could all do it during national alzheimers awarness week! How 'bout it?!?
  2. ahc87

    Pipe tobacco fans

    [quote name='DougBurns']Okay, so I looked on pipes.org and got a good understand of how to get started but I have a very basic question that I felt safer asking here... Do you inhale pipe smoke (or do most people?)?[/quote] most people dont yash- thanks alot for the link!
  3. ahc87


    especially the authentic frontier gibberish
  4. [quote=TaqseemHookahs] ahc87, they are at our eBay store not in an auction style on ebay. Things that are at our eBay store only people who told about them can find usually. Meaning when you type a bowl in the search they will not show up. We put them at our store for the forum to buy after speaking to Yashman19.
  5. [quote name='TaqseemHookahs'][b]mushrat, If I was selling this price to everyone in the world like you are saying, I would have listed those bowls on eBay. But we are not.[/b][/quote] [url="http://stores.ebay.com/Taqseem"]http://stores.ebay.com/Taqseem[/url] the bowls are defenitly on ebay for $5
  6. i find that human feces usually does  help "bring out" the natural flavor of most fruit flavored tobaccos and does not at all make the shiha unsanitary and harmful to any living creature, despite what most people will tell you. i just wanted to clear up this unbelievably common misconception. you're welcome, mr bubble
  7. a thin layer of carbon also provides a cooler smoke  
  8. when smoking a pipe, you do want a thin layer of carbon on the inside of the bowl, but the more it builds up, the less tobacco you can put in the bowl , and  if the layer of carbon grows to thick, the bowl of the pipe can crack.  dizzing, most people do not inhale the smoke from pipes (like cigars). I rarely get a buzz from smoking a pipe (only when i accidently inhale), but when smoking a pipe or cigar, getting a buzz is not the point
  9. ahc87

    While Smoking?

    actually, i usually listen to music.... video games while smoking seems like too much trouble, unless you have a hose to yourself and wouldn't have to worry about passing it
  10. ahc87

    While Smoking?

    multi-tasking is for communists... i like to try to keep things as simple as possible. for example i do nothing but breathe, and when i want to do other things, i typically suffocate. sorry, id like to go on, but im almost out of bre...  
  11. ahc87

    Girls Smoking Hookah!!!

    i too have noticed that female hookah smokers are a minority on this site, and its a  shame. why that is is beyond me, though. the majority of cigarette smokers are women (i think), so why dont we hear about more females smoking the hookah? 
  12. ahc87


    ive seen those before and was wondering just how much it would effect the coolness of the smoke.... im sure it would make heat management much more tedious as well
  13. i think social smoke should sell tangiers....only problem though, like brad and ioannisds have said, i woulnt need to go anywhere else, and we might have a monopoly on our hands ...and we get the discount!
  14. great review! keep 'em coming!
  15. ahc87

    Naklah Zaghul Review

    did you inhale the smoke?