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  1. Satan in Hebrew HaSatan הסטן means "To turn away from". It (Satan) has a job which G-D gives it to turn us away from doing G-D's Will. so why does G-D tell him to make us turn away?If a king tells his subjects to do something and they have no free will, they will of course do the commandment. If G-D does give us free will which animals don't have and we try to do the Commandments even as satan which is born into our soul from birth along with the God-ly image offers another course, yet we don't give in to turn away, this leads to the king being raised to a higher level. Since in reality he is infinate, but not always revealed in this lowest of infinate physical and spiritual worlds he becomes that more revealed.In the end Satan will be shown to be an angel(messenger) of G-D who meant for us to use our free will for good. This is how the Torah views it.Look for "the book of Tanya" which explains this. Its translated in Hebrew-and many languages. http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/...Tanya-about.htm http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/...Shorter-Way.htm
  2. I smoke around 7 times a day.Work at home of my p.c. I have (2) 50-60 gram "Giant Party Bowls" which i mainly smoke from. I have great coals which last 70 minutes if not more and often quit or even after the coals are finished there is still lots of shisha in the bowl for the next smoke. I don't like the small bowls having used them for years.Its a ceramic bowl and the kneck is very high.Great for mixing flavours too.
  3. I have never tasted a difference in taking them out or keeping them in. The DID sit in the glycerine and soak up some taste. To save space in packing the bowl, I usually take them out, but when I use (often) my "Giant Party Bowl" which holds 50-60 grams, I don't.
  4. Hi, I was a teacher for 24 years and couldn't take a shisha break! Now I work at home off the p.c. so I smoke around 7 times a day!
  5. I love Nakhla in general. It's available all over here in Israel very cheap. I see most of their flavours but rarely pistaccio. I love it! I've smoked at least 35 brands of shisha and still love Nakhla (except peach which tastes like soap).My favourites are cherry, melon,mint....and pistaccio if its around.
  6. Winter for sure is a bitch time for smoking. The cold weather is hard on the respitory system as it is, lungs are weaker, have a cold and then the hookah. I keep on smoking but demand less- expect less. I can't take cigarettes they're way too strong. I've been smoking hookah around 7 years and walk a lot, also up hills so I try and measure the effect on my lungs of hookah and find that I can still walk up extremely high hills with no shortness of breath. I'mm 55. If I had a problem walking, I'd quit hookah, but seems that there is no problem.
  7. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Feb 16 2008, 10:27 AM) QUOTE (Snoopy1966 @ Feb 15 2008, 03:34 PM) I really do not want to get into a big debate here, but here it goes. Really now how long do you think you could be held in your house, with little or no food or water. Even when you are told you can go out, you still get killed by the Israel army. They destroy your homes, businesses, kill your family, rape them in front of you, stay there as long as they want and then kill everyone in the house. Palestine did not bring this on if you really know what is going on there. Israel has oppressed them big time. I do not accept suicide bombers as being part of Islam. But this is where it has gotten too. I do not say it is correct. If you keep a cat backed in the corner for so long, it is going to fight back. Put yourself in the Palestinians shoes and then come tell me about it. I put up a map here in another post showing how the Israelis took over the land by force. They talk about moving settlers and do move them. Where do you think they go? To another part that Israel has taken over. I normally avoid such conversations. But that is utter propoganda... no that is just down-right lies.. and nothing else. I'm rather surprised at you snoopy. Next you'll be telling it's all todo with the Elders of Zion right? -------------- -------------- ------------------ -------------- There is no record (By Palestinians themselves) of rape.You have your facts so wrong.Find me one instance where Palestinians said that we raped one of their women. After 6 million of us were murdered, we have quite a distaste for this.Why haven't we been able to mass murder what in 1948 was 500,000 Arabs and today are 3 milion during our 60 years as a nation? We are lousy Nazis then. Theoretically we can fly planes over and drop bombs that would only put them to sleep for 12 hours, load them on trucks and move them to the sinai. We gave back areas of the settlements 2 years ago, we destroyed all the buildings except the synogoges, and from that very area today the terrorists launch rockets into our southern cities wounding and killing.Sure they suffer. They suffer from poor leadership always have and always will.Do we blow up market places in Iraq killing hundreds of Arab people at a time? No, its Arabs who do it to Arabs.We could do what the Moslems in Darfur , sudan did to the Africans there. That is genocide but the world let them get away with it, even today. No one would stop us. We stop ourselves, even as we defend ourselves.I think you are controlled by your own hatred.Snoopy don't worry, we know that there are some self-hating Jews.
  8. QUOTE (AKammenzind @ Feb 15 2008, 04:19 PM) Yeah, the situation isn't all that dissimilar to that just before the great war. There are some key differences though... nuclear weapons are very effective at deterring people from declaring war. Open war, especially a world war, doesn't seem terribly likely. Methinks that if anything we'll have something halfway between a world war, and the cold war. Regardless, it's not a fun situation. One question though, in this little comparison to the first world war if the US = Germany, and Israel = Austria-Hungary (both of which I do more or less agree with)... who would you think is Turkey? I guess it could be the UK, or South Korea? In reply to "Snoopy". In 1948 the United Nations recognized Israel as a soveigrn nation and made a plan for a "Palestine" with one part for the Arabs living there and another for the Jews as one state. The result was ALL the 22 Arab countries disagreed and Jordan,Egypt,Lebanon syria and IRAQ attacked us, but I AM SO SORRY THAT WE WON. Did you want us to die like the Nazis tried to do to us? Forget that.Why were the Palestinians in Gaza who after the war were under egyptian control put into refugee camps by their own Arab brothers? They closed the egyptian border to them. They could have given them land in the Sinai pininsulah which is 3 times bigger than Israel.Get your facts right Snoopy. What you write about this decade's history is mostly correct, but you have to go to the beginning of a history (1948) to start judging.Just last month the Albanian minority in Serbia announced their own country. You could ask "Why don't they join their Moslem brothers in Albania"( I have no opinion in that matter.)I have been in the Israeli army and had a spell in Gaza 1972 and later in 1984 and 1988. We never touched women or children. Don't you think that if the Nazis were able to kill 6 million of us in 6 years, and we have not been able to "mass murder" what was once 500,000 Palestinians and are now 3 million in 60 years that we are doing a poor job of mass murder?Please. Many ill Arabs from Gaza come to our hospitals for better treatment of diseases even.And we pay. We could simply fly planes over and put them to sleep for 12 hours, and move them in trucks to the sinai desert.We are not doing anything but defending ourselves. South Israel is being bombed by them every day. They are launching rockets from the very areas we gave back "for peace".
  9. Hi, I live in Israel and am not worried.we've been attacked so many times. I was in the Golani brigade infantry from 1971-1974 .In 1973 the Syrians and Egyptians attacked us on Yom Kippur, our holiest day when we were all fasting. The Israeli government knew of the planned war but were considering "world opinion" if we pre-empted an attack. We lost a lot of dead soldiers. 12 in my 70 person platoon.We were able Thank G-D to repell the attacks and I spent about 5 months in syria until the cease fire.Proof that we did know in advance, my brother was on a large navy missle boat and they were told to leave port 2 days before the war.I guess missle boats are expensive.My brother was chief gunner and he knocked out 2 Syrian boats in Latakia, Syria and one on the Egyptian side. I also spent another 36 months in very active reserves in Lebanon 1982, Gaza, all over really until the age of 38. I never was able to develope a hate for Arabs, whom I see everyday as I live near Bethleham and Hebron.They have 22 Arab countries and will never accept us as anything more than a wound to their ego.Look how Arab Sheites kill Arab sunnim and vice-versa by bombing Arab markets where women and children are killed.Its all a shame.
  10. buy some cigarette loose tobacco in packs sold commercially for hand rolling. I smoke hookah like a fiend, but can't take the strength of cogarettes. I aadded some to my shisha and it was too strong for me.Try it.
  11. New tobacco called Zona? Just for your info, its a great name considering that "Zona" זונה in Hebrew means "whore" זונה
  12. QUOTE (BohoWildChild @ Mar 22 2008, 03:28 AM) QUOTE (s_smith001 @ Mar 21 2008, 12:22 PM) wouldnt hookahs be readily available in Iraq anyways... unless they already bombed all the hookah factories... Alright, now I AM pissed off! Its not the first time that I wanted to make a reply, only to find that "BohowildChild" has said exactly what I wanted to write! Sheeshabum This was my first response. Sounds like we'd be sending coals to Newcastle. And more expensive coal at that since anyone traveling to the Middle East boasts that hookahs are a fraction of the price they are in the West. And that's assuming the request is legit in the first place which I'm not quite ready to do. 'Rani
  13. well that's life.People change.Get married, girlfriends,jobs move away, die,go travelling or start smoking cigars!
  14. QUOTE (Canon @ Mar 22 2008, 02:02 AM) Well, you know what they say, its better to be over and past the hill then buried under it.. Happy birthday man Happy birthday Johnny מזל טוב sheeshabum
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