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  1. I own both a Mya and a KM. Honestly, the smoking is almost the same. The only real issue I find with the MYA is the purging. But if you can manage the heat, you don't have to worry about the purge issue.
  2. Received my mini today. It got here super fast from NJ to FL in 3 days. Great packing job, very secure!!!
  3. hookahjohn.com he is awesome. you will not regret ordering from him.
  4. I ordered some golden strawberry from an approved vendor on this site. It came in the same type of packaging. Hopefully it is the real stuff or we both got screwed. lol
  5. That sux. I feel your pain. I recently ordered a Mya QT. I finally received it and the base had a huge crack in it. Hopefully that can fix your order and you can get your hose and more shisha!!!!
  6. looks like the egyptian from hookah-shisha.com to me as well with a genie base.
  7. I agree with the mya as well. It will be your best bet. I have a mya and love it. Hookah-Shisha.com has many mya's to choose from.
  8. I would def recommend drinking water while smoking. At least that is what I do and it seems to help me a lot. Plus, I try to avoid quicklights if I can. I normally only use those if I am at a friends house and don't feel like keep going into the house. I kind of get a weird feeling with quicklights, even when they are fully ashed over.... but just my 2 cents:)
  9. I have the bigger one the 30 inch I believe. I have had it about a year. It was an awesome first hookah, but I recently upgraded. It will def be worth the money. On mine, you can see the weld lines very well. You can tell that the metal is not really thick, the stem is very light. But all in all, it is a good hookah esp if you are on a budget. Considering the nammor is $20 by itself. I think you would be happy if you bought the hookah. It is your desision.
  10. This was my first order with hookahhookah. I ordered on Tuesday about 3 pm and the package arrived at 5 pm on Friday of the same week. The package arrived with all of my order and was packed very nice. The only issue I had with the company was that I did not receive a confirmation email. I waited a few hours after the order was placed and never got one. So, I called the customer service line. The lady I spoke with said that they revied the order and would send me out an email with the tracking info. Well, I still never received the email. But the package still got here in a timely mannor. All in all I have to say the company is good and I will be ordering from them again in the future.
  11. I like Strawberry the best so far. I am ordering some Golden and it should be here next week. I am anxious to see if there is a noticable difference in the standard and the Golden line.
  12. There is def a smell when you first get it. It is almost like a "super glue" smell. I did not wash mine before the first use, but the smell/taste was gone pretty quick. I washed mine out after about the 4th use. Just to clean it out.
  13. VERY NICE!!! I really want one of those too. I am excited for you.
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