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  1. QUOTE (arzan87 @ Sep 20 2009, 01:37 AM) Prototypes , patents.. I'm assuming you have a prototype if you're considering a patent. I'll buy 3 prototypes from you without even seeing them if I can get my hands on it faster. As much as I like MYA Hookahs, I've never liked anything they made in the bowl category, and I'm super excited now on your new bowl designs!! Phunnels got my hooked on shisha, I really can't wait to see what you throw out next P.S Please make the "small" version of whatever it is readily available. IMO the "Small" and "Large Phunnel bowls hit the spot, the mediums ... they just don't do it for me Wouldn't selling prototypes sorta defeat the point of keeping it a secret until he has a patent?
  2. World filtering would be good idea IMHO. Changing Ch****c Hookah Coals to CH Coals automatically would prevent, I think, the majority of complete accidents. People don't talk in real life as they would on the forums so if a person isn't used to saying CH they are susceptible to making an easy mistake. This is all John's fault.
  3. I'm happy for you, but I certainly don't envy you. $60 NZ is like $40+ U.S. isn't it?
  4. Heelie

    Video Reviews

    Nothing annoys me more than waiting 7 minutes for them to actually smoke it, them taking a pull, exhaling a faint wisp of smoke, and saying the smoke volume is good. At that point you can be sure everything else you've taken from the review is worthless.
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    Got My First

    QUOTE (mIckeyG @ Mar 2 2009, 10:49 AM) What movie is that from? The Boondock Saints
  6. Heelie

    Troubles With Mnh

    Can you clarify the time line for me? You ordered last Friday, at the time of this post it is the wee hours of Friday morning. As I understand it that means you ordered less than 7 days ago, yet you state it has been in transit for 8 and in your thread title you say it has been almost two week. Moreover, Tarik said you would have it by the end of the week and there are still 2 days worth of delivery time before. Am I misunderstanding you?
  7. Heelie

    Interesting Global Maps

    QUOTE Also, 100% of the violent conflict in Africa is directly resulting from colonial policies This is what I'm arguing, the excuses people make for why Africa is such an unstable place by treating them like children who don't know any better. I don't know why you think this has anything to do with preventing future violence; I've been arguing the same topic this whole time.
  8. Heelie

    Interesting Global Maps

    QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Nov 7 2008, 10:55 AM) A sincere question... are you a creationist, by any chance? "God made everything 6 thousand years ago and hid fossils in the ground to fuck with our heads, what else matters?" What about diseases? "Hmmm it burns when I pee. Oh well, what else matters? I think I'll go have some unprotected sex". Do you feel that we should go back to blood letting and leeches? If Isaac Newton had this attitude, he'd never have discovered gravity. If Cristobal Colon (Columbus) did, he'd never have discovered the Americas. If the Great Powers of the world following the Second World War didn't think about what else matters regarding the reasons Nazi Germany was able to establish so much power and attack other nations, they never would have formed the delightfully functional UN. If the Bush administration hadn't thought about what else matters, they would have illegally invaded a sovereign country, incited civil war and created a massive haven for terrorists that they couldn't extricate themselves from... oh wait. Taking and accepting everything at face value and never bothering to question or investigate the root causes of things is akin to walking around with a blindfold over your eyes and plugs in your ears. In the context of African problems of violence, it is antithetical to both conflict resolution and peacebuilding. I'm an atheist. Your examples are not even remotely similar to the matter at hand. This is more like it. A jury is deciding on a murder trial in which the defendant admitted to killing a group of people. I'd say we should punish him considering his life was not in danger, there is no excuse for what he did. You seem to think the jury should actively search for a reason to blame someone else. If the man was black in America during the 1920's, an oppression human being, and he killed white men and women, would you accept that as a good enough reason not to hold him responsible? Genocide is never justified. Even though the Hutu were treated like shit, they were in control when they decided to eradicate their competition. QUOTE Which is why your understanding of issues like this is probably very limited. Morals = bias, and bias keeps you from any objective comprehension of truth. The world is governed by morals. The truth is the Hutu were justified in slaughtering 100,000 men, women, and children because they were oppressed for 100 years? The truth is the people who severed infants with machetes are not to blame for their own actions? QUOTE Actually, a lot of them were children, but that's beside the point. The regimes of Hitler and Pol Pot were not oppressed for 100 years by the people they killed. It is not analogous. Yes, but they all thought they had good motives. Did the Tutsi children play a major role in their oppression decades before they were born? If using morals to judge others is biased and will never lead us to the truth, why not sympathize with Hitler? Without morals we would not be able to classify him as a bad person.
  9. Heelie

    Interesting Global Maps

    The Hutu chopped their neighbors and school mates to pieces with machetes. What else matters? I am well read in the Rwandan Genocide and you gave a very accurate account of what lead up to it, but does that change anything? Belgians put them in a terrible situation, but they were not the ones dismembering family members. There is no excuse for genocide. The Hutu certainly had a motive but does that make it o.k. to you? Who is first and foremost responsible? The Hutus, because I don't check my morals at the door when examining exotic cultures. These were not children; they knew what they were doing just like the Nazis during the Holocaust or Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot and they should he held responsible for their actions.
  10. Has anyone tried a hot dog and french fries with AF Ketchup?
  11. Heelie

    Interesting Global Maps

    QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Nov 6 2008, 07:06 PM) Just a clarification for those that aren't aware... the "aid money" that AK is talking about is actually "loan money" that must be paid back with unreasonable interest, and more importantly that comes with severe strings attached, such privatizing things like water and electricity to be owned and run by Western companies, and eliminating social programmes like schools and hospitals. Also, 100% of the violent conflict in Africa is directly resulting from colonial policies, as can be explained for any country in question by anyone with even the most basic understanding. Some countries, like Tanzania and Egypt are doing fairly well, but the majority of Africa is incredibly corrupt. Still, do you blame the wolves for being wolves, or do you blame the people that let the wolves into the hen house? And the use of the term "civilized world" in contrast to less developed countries such as those of Africa, would probably be offensive to a lot of people, but to the informed it is simply hilarious. Fake edit: also LoL at Sarah Palin sincerely believing Africa to be a country. Those loans are never getter paid back anyways so those strings attached mean little. Much of the money goes to buy palaces for the dictators while the people starve. People need to have the guts to hold Africans responsible for their own actions and stop making excuses for them. At what point in time do you stop blaming other people for all this? Rwanda, civilized?
  12. Heelie

    Interesting Global Maps

    QUOTE (dafunk5446 @ Oct 30 2008, 03:17 PM) Yes it is useless, it is only an opinion of the researcher who compiled the chart. If it were accurate, I would bet there would be alot more red in the "civilized" world. I also agree with the delusion aspect. Every day I look at all these people walking around, completely oblivious to the world around them. It is sickening! They way polls and studies are preformed are usually inaccurate. Mostly due to personal bias of the researcher or ineffective polling/study methods. The example put forth by gaia was very good one. Agreed, but the civilized world has no where near the level of corruption that exists in Africa.
  13. Heelie

    Things You Should Never Do

    QUOTE (SuburbanSmoker @ Nov 4 2008, 05:11 AM) Never EVER ask a woman her age or weight. (only applies to older women from my findings and bruises...) Yeah, asking young women their age is often a good idea.
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    Iowa Ia Smokers

    Iowa City
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    Coloured Phunnel & Bowls

    All it takes is someone throwing out the idea and all of a sudden we are in a panic.