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  1. Dylank0010

    Elevated Hookah

    just for kicks, i'd see what happens if you use their contact thing and send them a question. you can use your imagination but i like the MF rules vs tobacco/hookah issue.
  2. Dylank0010

    Happy Birthday Banhammer

    holy shit i almost missed it. Happy Birthday Mush. thx for keeping this ship floating. hope it's a good one for you buddy!
  3. Dylank0010

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    QUOTE (liquidglass @ Sep 5 2009, 10:57 PM) QUOTE (Dylank0010 @ Sep 4 2009, 09:23 PM) I don't think it's unreasonable to want our money back. I have nothing against SPS but he took the "risk," even though no MF rules were broken IMO, and lost out. Well I disagree, we all took the risk. So we have no right to whine about us losing out when we sent our money knowing the risks. There was nothing against MF rules occurring but it just took one word to violate the rules. It's not entirely unreasonable to want the money back, but it is unreasonable to blame SPS for any part of it. I don't blame him for anything. I blame whoever mentioned tobacco in their comments section when they sent him money.
  4. Dylank0010

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    I don't think it's unreasonable to want our money back. I have nothing against SPS but he took the "risk," even though no paypal rules were broken IMO, and lost out.
  5. Dylank0010

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    there's a 45 day limit to disputing it with mf. it was mentioned earlier in the thread if you read back that far.
  6. Dylank0010

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    anything happened with this in the last month? i still haven't received anything back, idk about anyone else.
  7. QUOTE (twoapplesplease @ Jun 3 2009, 06:20 PM) I say stick with honey,mollasses or real maple syrup mmmm ...maple syrup just out of curiosity, what did you mix the maple syrup into? my friends dad back home makes maple syrup every spring so there's plenty to experiment with if it's even any good.
  8. been awhile since i've been on but been smoking right along. AF cafe latte at the moment.
  9. Dylank0010

    Anyone Get The New Z370?

    from personal experience with a daytona blue '04 350, I REALLY hope they improved the braking performance.
  10. Dylank0010

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    well that sucks. i sent mine march 5th so i was beyond 45 days awhile ago.
  11. Dylank0010

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    thanks to whoever botched this.... wasn't me. here's what i sent Subject: Dylank0010 from HF Note: Thanks for putting this together, here's for 8.
  12. Dylank0010

    Snakes On A Plane

    yeah I didn't take coals with me. local grasshopper shop carries quicklights so i just picked up a couple rolls once i was home. that sucks all your stuff was dusted with coals afterwards... not surprising though given the state of the travel industry.
  13. Dylank0010

    Snakes On A Plane

    QUOTE (jeremyk @ Apr 6 2009, 09:43 AM) my girlfriend brought me a hookah back from egypt with no problems from airport security Different airports have different security measures. Idc what the TSA says. When I was in 8th grade I went to Israel and was talking with some of the security guards at the US embassy. One of them gave me a .223 casing that he had drilled out and emptied and made into a necklace with the bullet still set in. I thought it was awesome. I've been shooting my dad's ar15 since I was little so I thought it was excellent. I went through Ben Gurion airport and all the security guys thought it was hilarious. When I got into Heathrow on my way home everyone thought I was "having a laugh" or a "yankee nutter" or whatever it is that British people say these days. Maybe some of the British forum members can clairfy. But long story short, some places/particular people will care and others will not. I've taken my hookah with minimal supplies from SFO to Logan twice now without issue but that's not to say that there never will be an issue. The way I did it was I wrapped the base in bubblewrap and put it in my carry-on and put everything else, disassembled, in a cardboard box in my checked bag with " HOOKAH STUFF" written as large as possible across the box. They still cut it open but nothing was missing.
  14. i tend to focus more on my gaming then smoking if i'm trying to do them both at the same time. so i stopped doing that. movies for sure though. i don't go to theatres anymore for the reason that i love smoking and watching movies so much.