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  1. Dranas

    Conan Or Jay?

    i say conan all the way, jay is lame
  2. Dranas

    Posted My Noob Method

    sorry to zombie old topics, but packing like thats seems like it would insta burn the shisha
  3. i just picked up some Deja vu, gonna try it when i get back to yuma. seems like a shisha i wont have ton acclimate since its made only 150 miles from me
  4. pics would be awesome if you got the time
  5. Hey if anyone plays Eve online my char name is Osmodeus. Let me know if yall play
  6. i agree with you chinamon. By the way, you sure know how to work a camera, you make everything look good. Also, her boobs are perfect....too big....you must be on drugs ppl! rofl
  7. Dranas

    What's On Your Ctrl+ V?

    http://www.perry-rhodan.net/pics/tibis/2283tibi.jpg was replaying to the lets count to a million with pictures thread >.> i got 2283
  8. Dranas

    Goodbye Hf

    good luck in all your endeavors and be safe!
  9. Dranas

    How Do You Fund You Hookah

    I work at a prison while contemplating selling my self to desperate house wives......
  10. what kind of mod bowls? i might be interested
  11. do you have any tangiers or any other good shisha? perhaps some natural coals? im open to negotiations.
  12. Dranas

    Computer Building

    get something better than an nvidia 9500, im running 2 SLI linked and they arent all that. if you can swing it get at least a GTX 265 check tigerdirect.com and newegg.com they have good deals. I actually run a custom computer bussiness, if you have any questions shoot me a PM and give me the specs of your hardware and ill toss you some ideas.
  13. Im looking to get a tangiers large phunnel and some shisha for this. I wanna try Tangiers. i like starbuzz, potion, Al Fahker and Jewel. Id like to get a white or redish bowl, but its not necessary. heres some pics, if you want better ones let me know, i was using my web cam and my hand was kinda shakey. to clean the mod u just need to boil it, im just being a lazy ass and not doing it. make offers and we can make a deal!
  14. yeah it was sitting on an old speaker, i was using my web cam and the wire just wasnt long enough to get any good shots. my xbox gamer tag is DranasShinigami dont ask how i came up with the name....lol