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    pics of me and my hookah, etc
  2. couple more signs, just that you smoke too much hookah. 1. your fingernails always have that black coal dust in them. 2. your fingers smell like glycerine and the last three mixes you packed. 3. you use more tin foil on hookah than food. 4. you keep a pair of tongs in every room 5. you have an extra bowl to pack your next hookah, before you are done with the one you are smoking
  3. QUOTE (baumann @ May 4 2009, 02:57 AM) I picked up smoking cigs last year and got up to around half a pack a day for the whole year. Not much to some of the more serious smokers, but enough to become addicted and fairly familiar with nicotine. Since September, I've been experimenting with everything hookah, from making hoses out of plastic tubing to cutting scalli mods out of pop cans. Recently I ordered my first batch of Tangiers Horchata (I think you guys call it OG for original tangiers line, not sure though). Finally got it to smoke right and taste great, but holly shit, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack! Stick 3 Camel Snus pouches in my cheek and maybe I would get as much of a buzz. Is this pretty normal for tangiers? If so, I guess the brand proved me completely unfamiliar with nicotine. Because of this, most of the people in the house I live in hated the Horchata sessions because they all got so messed up off a few puffs. Anyone else dislike tangiers for this reason on here? Or do I just need to man up? lol EDIT: Acclimated correctly smelled good, tasted good, so nothing wrong there. Id say thats not abnormal, exp if you arent used to tangiers. Horchata is one of the spiciest, and they are all stronger than any other brand I smoke.
  4. def tangiers kashmir cherry, in my opinion. relaxing and strong.
  5. hello everyone, my name is Thomas. i am new to this site, but currently work at Lazy Dayz, a hookah bar located in Newport News, VA. Our hookahs are all MYA glass, with the exception of a couple Social Smoke rotators. The brands we serve include Tangiers, Strabuzz, Al Fakher, Havana, and hookah hookah. It is a great place to work, and just as nice of a place to smoke hookah, or buy tobacco, coals, hookahs, etc.. This is where most of my hookah knowledge is derived from. I also have worked at Sahara's,a bogus hookah bar, located in Richmond, VA. Serving only Nachla and a few al fakher flavors, the place is a waste of time. They rarely even change the water in their hookahs between uses. thats right! Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself to the rest of you guys, feel free to chat anytime.
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