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  1. azegyptian

    Bizzare Mixes.

    layalina vanilla with layalina mint it ended up having a stronger mint flavor but i've smoked it a couple times.
  2. its on the corner of 59 ave and the aquafria fwy, i google mapped it you could do the same.
  3. same thing happened to me a couple days ago with romman strawberry and layalina vanilla mix. after maybe an hour and 30 minute session i felt sick and really light headed exactly how you said it, but i think i was rushing my self and blame it on that.
  4. i just started smoking hookah about 3 months ago when we went to a hookah bar shortly after my 18th birthday i finally bought an egyptian and the bowl broke after 4 uses. anyways from something bad comes something good i gonna buy a phunnel bowl but don't know who would be the best person to buy from any ideas would help, thanks in advance.
  5. azegyptian

    Ordering Online Question

    i just recieved a package from hookah-shisha.com yesterday and all it had on the stickers were tracking numbers my name and ups numbers, but nothing about hookah.
  6. azegyptian

    Arizona Smokers Az

    deer valley, north phx