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  1. What's up fellow smokers? My name is Burney and I've been smoking hookahs for about 3 years now. My wife is persian and her family got me into smoking. I've had a few shitty egyptian style hookahs. I now have a portable Leila that i smoke on the way to work and during my 2, 3 or 4 smoke breaks i take a day, and I also have a little baby Mya that has an acrylic base that I got when I ordered $200 worth of shisha from hookah-shisha.com, and then my shitty egyptian that is permanently retired and might get thrown out. the Mya, for a free hookah, well, it's pretty awesome. I picked up a few Nammor hoses and i think they'e killer. I also got a heba diffuser and myself and a buddy set up our hookahs (he got the free mya also) loaded them with the same shisha, used the same charcoal, and i gotta tell ya, the heba diffuser really makes a BIG difference. My favorite shisha's are probably Layalina Peach, Starbuzz Wildberry, Romman Peach, and Starbuzz Raspberry. I smoked some Tangiers K Cherry with Canon and Kathryn at a local hookah bar and I thought it was about the best shisha i've ever had the pleasure to smoke. I've tried a lotta different charcoals but i really like the 40mm 3 Kings, since I'm goddamn lazy and when i smoke i wanna smoke now. Oh yeah, I live in Japan. I'm trying to find some vendors who'll ship to APO addresses. If you guys know any vendors who'll ship to an APO and carry Tangiers, Romman and Starbuzz, well, please hit me up and let me know and i'll be eternally grateful. Thanks hooker smokers, err hookah smokers, and hopefully i can positively contribute something to the forum. probably not though, cause i'm an idiot
  2. I also have one of these, got it a few weeks ago. with the "wetter" kindsa shisha, like layalina, it's kind've a bitch to have a little part of a charcoal get it to "burn". i think they really could've designed it better internally also i.e. the part where the smoke goes into the hose is perpendicular to the water, and if they designed it with a slight lip, it would be much better. I might try to fab up something on it myself, and if/when i do i'l take a pic. I smoke it when driving to work in the morning and a few smoke breaks a day. i actually smoked it while riding my longboard down to the Sea Wall, and i was piss drunk and yet i never felt like i had to worry about anything. i guess i would give it a positive review, but you have to know what its good for going in. if you're trying to buy it as a regular home hookah, well, you're a goddamn idiot and you need to review your life and you probably shouldn't be allowed to procreate.
  3. problem solved: i'm retarded. mods please lock, sorry for another dumbass noob post.
  4. QUOTE (erufiku @ Sep 19 2008, 04:16 PM) it would take you 10 minutes to manually try all the possible combinations... if by that you mean that there are 362,880 combinations then yes, only 10 minutes. thanks for the help so does anyone know if Mya has a factory "default" for the combinations?
  5. So like the title and description says, I just got a Mya hookah from, i dunno some website, and it was shipped to me in a Mya case, which has a 3 number lock on it, and there was NO combination in the box. Any idea's (minus using hacksaws, hammers, or c4) to get this bitch open? I tried using the search tool to see if this has come up with any other members, but either there is noone else this dumb or I'm just the noobiest of noobs. thanks!
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