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  1. Lets Count To A Million

  2. With my QT, and any of my other hookahs for that matter, I make a solution of lemon juice and baking soda in the base... slosh it around in the base then wash all the insides with the solution too.. If soaking it in hot water and soap doesnt seem to work, give that a try.
  3. Happy Birthday, Sweetnut!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!.... Havnt been around in a few but I'll try harder!.... Thanks for the thread Chris!
  4. Spartacus!

    Im a HUGE Sparticus fan and was really disappointed to hear that Andy Whitefield had cancer... Hopefully the second season will live up to the awesomeness of the first season and prequel!
  5. anyone notice the stats in this link?? [url="http://prelive.triplehalo.com/halooka-vs-hookah/"]Clicky[/url]
  6. Is It Rust? Something Else?

    looks a little crude..lol... if you have an air compressor, blow it out and clean it good
  7. If you are saying that you really have a metal grommet, liquid wrench and a pair of pliers... then get a rubber one!
  8. Good On You, Inc

    tiz a goood topic she is
  9. Got It!

    My last order came with 3 flavors of Al Tawareg... Pineapple, Blueberry, and Orange Cream... was very happy with them all!
  10. Chreees

    Just got my trimetal stem from Chris!... very happy with it.. even gave me a few rolls of Belgian QLs to try out... A+ seller..
  11. you wouldnt even be able to see the foil... lol
  12. I think he meant for the entire session.... didnt he??
  13. Km Trimetal Shank

    Ill let you know wed chris!
  14. Drunk Posting

    Sunday night... working tomorrow and its gonoinf to suck major balls ..... why does te love of my loife have to be with another guy? its ripping my heatt apart man.....
  15. Had the same problem a little while back.... as odd as it may sound, if you have a washable hose, wash it out good.. along with everything else
  16. Brand New

    .. and dont forget to read the rules!....
  17. Double Apple Goodness

    I was in the same boat Iain, I tried it twice by itself and didnt like it at all, then I tried it with a little bit of mint mixed in.... now I really enjoy the combo
  18. Hookah 101

    go for it