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  1. Hippo_Master

    Where The Hell Is Our "leadership"

    I think you need to just get over the outcome of the last Presidential election. Obama's term is almost fucking over, people have been whining about it for three years. You can have you pick of any of the retarded Tea Baggers, Anarchists, or Religious Rite Zealots in 2012. There's no right way to do anything in Libya - just send the Special forces in (because it's what they are payed to do), do whatever, leave, then let it handle itself. It's not Obama's fault the Arab World finally realized that it sucks living in the Arab World, and it wouldn't be McCain's fault either (if he didn't have Palin on his ticket).
  2. Hippo_Master

    Qu'ran Burning In Florida And Afghan Riots

    Yeah, the guy doesn't give a shit either. Basically said "Not my fault"
  3. I think people are giving hookahset a little more credit than they really deserve. They get orders right atleast, finally... but their communication is just so completely terrible. And their customer relations are horrible. It doesn't look like OP is flaming them, just stating that he got screwed out of a free hookah - which he obviously did. A 10% discount is pretty low for a hookah vendor already, especially during holiday seasons. It looks like people get flamed more for saying hookahset screwed them than people flame hookahset for screwing them.
  4. Hippo_Master


    Yeah, I heard about this. I dug his blog, and was pretty good interwebz buddies with him. He said he was doing a group buy with some other members of some CC's, so I sent him about 100 bucks. About 2 weeks later he received the cigars, posted up pictures on his blog of my cigars, got in contact with me, and sent them to me. Everything went perfectly smooth. Maybe he got overwhelmed or something.
  5. Hippo_Master

    On The Hunt For Some Peach

    That's really similar to pharoah's.
  6. Hippo_Master

    Brand New Tangiers Flavors!

    [quote name='thecoalition' date='20 June 2010 - 07:59 PM' timestamp='1277081989' post='472265'] where the fuck is my blueberry? i don't give a damn about new flavors when no one has old flavors in stock. [/quote] Who the fuck needs blueberry when there's sea-buckthorn? Jesus christ, it's fucking orgasmic.
  7. Hippo_Master

    Balisong Flipping

    That is remarkable, how long have you been training your muscles in order to flip like that??
  8. Hippo_Master

    Wide Guage/ Inner Diameter

    The widest gauge hoses are the Narbish and Nammors right now, the difference between those is very minimal. The Nammor mouthpiece, however, is more noticeably more restricted compared to the Narbish. The widest mouthpiece available at this time is a design from CrownHookahs in the Royal line. They are hand made so some are larger than others, but still very wide and open.
  9. Hippo_Master

    You Gotta Be Shitting Me...

    Saw that a while ago, has an "F" on BeerAdvocate.
  10. Hippo_Master

    Moon Landing

    So the proposed development of commercial space travel would just be you paying $50,000 to sit in a pretend space ship and indulge in a little bit of Hollywood special effects? If we didn't land on the moon, what does it matter? We currently have human beings in space(and even if that as well is being faked, we have a fucking super-telescope up there), so therefore disproving the lunar landing is a fruitless (unless you write a book about it) and meaningless waste of some hyped-up anti-establishment asshat's existence.
  11. Hippo_Master

    Starbuzz Royal Grape...

    It's a floral grape, so yep, it tastes like perfume.
  12. yes, i believe so, personally. i only use the Tangiers Small Phunnel, Alien Mini and My Crown jewel.
  13. Hippo_Master


    Well, there's obviously no right answer. It's my opinion that if a woman gets pregnant - not by force, but either by accident or carelessness - and gets an abortion (either because of financial reasons, peer pressure, family reasons, or simply thinking of the growing human in her uterus as an accident that she can delete) then she is truly an evil, evil person.
  14. Hippo_Master


    I have a very short temper, yet, unlike you, I unleash it in the form of long strings of profanity. Man, do I get creative, and boy does that shit feel awesome.
  15. The mini, like the normal phunnel, has the problem of leaving the lower 1/3 of the tobacco unsmoked for the most part. I know that this would require more smoking, but in a way that kind of defeats the purpose of the mini. John's mini, in my experience, smokes all the way through, the first phunnel-style bowl I have seen do that. The shallowness of the bowl most definitely plays a role in this. So you end up using ALL of the tobacco in the bowl, not to mention the Alien smokes absolutely superbly. On top of all that, you can actually get the bowl - and at a reasonable price.