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  1. hey hit me up when you get back to cali. come smoke a bowl

  2. that was my guess. havent bought an mz but i know they are great hookahs. is social smoke the best place to get them?
  3. Hey all. Some of you remember me. some one you probably don't. Its been a while as i had to take a break over the summer from smoking to avoid money issues and health issues. A friend of mine is looking to buy a hookah around 50$. no qt he already has one. im looking 20 inches to 40 inches. thanks all daniel
  4. argh I already screw up and ive been back for 1 min..
  5. drabin

    Selling A Mini Phunnel

    QUOTE (BaronIV @ Mar 31 2009, 12:58 AM) what fraternity are you pledging? phi kappa psi and wade your offers are ridiculous. I expect a full size poster of logan at the very least...
  6. drabin

    Selling A Mini Phunnel

    QUOTE (indian_villager @ Mar 30 2009, 07:57 PM) I died a little on the inside. But if you got issues I'd say let it go........I would hold on to it with dear life because what if you drop one?.....I've got 5 just incase! ugh so true.... i would be so mad if i dropped one. To all who have offered me. I'm busy to the point where i have almost no time right now (thats what i get for pledging a fraternity). I will try to make a decision before friday as to what I will do with one of my two mini's. don't be discouraged if i dont respond to your pm i promise i will read them all, im just trying to get through this year with the best grades i can get (losing my scholarship already...) keep smokin
  7. drabin

    Selling A Mini Phunnel

    mini phunnels were around 18$ shipped when they were available.
  8. After months of smoking 4+ bowls a day my lungs began to tell me slow down... I've cut down a lot and really don't need 2 mini's anymore. I'm experiencing money problems like im sure most people are these days and could greatly use some extra cash. I really don't know what I would want to sell the mini for so just name a price. If you dont want to respond with your offer in a post just pm me. IV I hope i'm not disappointing you for selling one of these beauties I have red/black and indigo blue.
  9. review enjoy. its lame but ive been so busy it was hard to find time. thanks so much scalli.
  10. out of curiosity what was the price.
  11. someone link me to the presale on mnh
  12. drabin

    Happy Birthday Drabin!

    Thanks guys (and girls) much appreciated. Wade maybe a VIP mint birthday present?? eh eh?
  13. scalli i filmed my review and more or less liked it alot. ill try to get it up asap but theres alot i need to edit in it and since its my birthday today i won't be doing it tonight but it will be up asap. sorry for the wait but thanks for the chance to try the best herbal shisha out there. I stumbled and found myself calling it a tobacco a bunch of times you can;t tell the difference.
  14. drabin

    [search] Tangiers Super Chief

    texashookah.com last place to sell them.
  15. wade! may i have sum of teh super mint