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  1. Hookah_510

    Hookah After Exercise

    I been smoking hookah after lifting for the past couple years. However, I cannot smoke before the gym...mostly if doing any cardiovascular activity. Relieving stress on the weights and hookah is one of the best feelings in the world! [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/good2.gif[/img]
  2. Hookah_510

    I'M Getting Really Tired

    from the tone of her 2nd email, it sounds like she doesn't know much and is only sending her message on behalf of her job or duty. you sent her 3 emails. ignoring the first 2 tells me she doesn't truly care and/or is stuck face. her argument has no relevance to your initial email. Dave - 1 Vanessa - 0
  3. When I started a life insurance plan with Statefarm 2 years ago, they asked if I smoked tobacco. I told them no and I didn't get any surprise phone calls or letters in the mail. I was hookah-ing every other day at the time. A saliva test was done. No blood or urine. I went in for a drug screening on behalf of U.S Homeland Security just last week. I told the examiner I smoke water pipe tobacco only and she ended up checking "No" in the box. Maybe they should consider rephrasing the question.
  4. Hookah_510

    Double Apple

    another vote for [size="3"][color="#1C2837"][size=2]Nakhla (both can and jar are good). I had both and they are exact same. Fantasia Tripple Apple is good but that brand costs a lot of money ($17.xx for[i] 200g[/i]). [/size][/color][/size]
  5. Hookah_510

    Double Apple Goodness

    [quote name='Click' timestamp='1283286187' post='480849'] Nice. I really like Romman Good Times too. [/quote] when i ran out of it good times and had this can on the way, i tried making my own using al fakher 30% mint, 20% orange, 20% pineapple and 30% lemon. it tasted like it but wasn't as smooth cause af mint is a bit different than romman.
  6. So after trying out Naklha double apple in the 50g box, it became one of my must have flavors in my stash. I then find out you can get it in a box, jar or can. I search around and folks say the can or jar is better cause its more seal-able. I decide to get both =P the cherry cola is gonna be a mixer. i think it'll taste good with DA...
  7. Hookah_510

    Dear Hookah John

    CH OL's = best quick light hookah coal hands down. BUT it is the one with the worst odors of all. That's the only thing I didn't like about them. It stinks up my entire home and takes 10min with the windows opened to get rid of the odors.
  8. Hookah_510

    Phunnel Mod?

    [quote name='Hassouni' timestamp='1282797804' post='480324'] Damn looks like I got that alien for nothing.... [/quote] trade you alien phunnel is still a good creation. you dont have to worry about going through tea light holders and cutting them up. if reusing, it gets annoying cleaning it with soap and a brush to get the burnt stains off.
  9. Hookah_510

    Phunnel Mod?

    The method Chris provided is a shisha preserver. If you're wanting a longer session, then forget the tealight mod idea. The tealight mod was invented because a small tangiers phunnel still held a lot of tobacco...to the point where a smoker cannot sit for hours to smoke all the shisha in a phunnel bowl. Hence why the Alien phunnel was created, to give smokers a phunnel bowl that carried so little tobacco and still enjoy the concept of a phunnel. When I pack my small tangiers phunnel, I smoke it for 1hr at least. I either get bored of the flavor or coals die out and I end up being lazy. I remove the foil and just look at the beautiful shisha wasted.
  10. Hookah_510

    Save The Sheesh?

    I know its not on topic but an alternative would be to layer the bottom of the bowl with foil and put some holes through it or match the holes of the bowl pattern. The shisha burns more evenly throughout the entire session for me and I never waste shisha going this method.
  11. Hookah_510

    Nakhla Tobacco

    since were on the subject of Naklha and its difference of containers...I tried the box version of double apple and loved it. are the jar or can versions any better? i'm gonna commit to order a 250g size and wanted to see my options.
  12. Hookah_510

    Must Have Brands.

    Fantasia, Fumari and Starbuzz are my favorites but I can't imagine buying it every time I place an order cause of its high cost. I settle for Al Fakher, JM's and now Naklha after trying their double apple (top favorite flavor) cause they are one of the best well balanced shisha's on the market.
  13. best double apple i've had so far. it contains the least amount of that anise/licorice taste and flavorful. so far my favorite 2 apples in order are: 1) Naklha 2) Fantasia (triple apple) 3) romman 4) al fakher any other 2 apple must-try recommendations?
  14. Hookah_510

    A Bowl Of Double Apple

    I absolutely hate black licorice but I love me some Romman Double Apple or Fantasia Triple Apple. AF 2 apple I must mix with a bit of mint to get rid of that anise taste.
  15. Hookah_510

    Alice In Wonderland Hookah?

    [quote name='HsK BATES' date='06 August 2010 - 01:32 AM' timestamp='1281083530' post='477935'] ^^^not even close to what she was asking. on the other hand I am no help in your situation, best of luck [/quote] i guess im the only one that thinks KM hookahs are appealing. but hookahcompany.com has a bunch of pipes that just look great.