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  1. Hookers And Warcraft

    no Freudian slip ,my spellling is rubbish
  2. Hookers And Warcraft

    Hi All, I have found a hookah on warcraft here is a cap of my D K sat behind it. if you find onre post here.
  3. Happy New Years

    happy new year, just got there.
  4. I had i simmler problam with a funnel bowl. What i did is i got some stainless steel fine mesh then folded it over the end of a piece of pipe, then trimed of the bottom to the hight i wanted. place in-verted in bowl then place your choice of tobacco around the otside of the mesh, then foil and light in the normal way. see photos
  5. Anybody Have $8 In Paypal?

    If you pay for the whole deal through paypal any moneys that you are short will come out of your bank account
  6. Fat Chick And Hookahs

    QUOTE (NickReppinThe909 @ Dec 11 2008, 04:02 PM) QUOTE (roe1uk @ Dec 11 2008, 05:01 AM) We Need to see photos of the events or it did not happen! lol someone likes fat chicks ^ lol it sounds like a billy clinton party to me lol Hay in my time of life any chick will do !! lol
  7. Fat Chick And Hookahs

    We Need to see photos of the events or it did not happen! lol
  8. yes i know, but it stays put and dose not wobble like it did on the top.
  9. The third photo "doh" Any comments welcome.
  10. After extensive testing with my home made *stainless steel bowl i think i've got it sorted. * http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=25011 What i did, I used about 12g af strawbury, 2 layers of foil ,12 holes in the foil quiet close to the centre,, and small bits of natural coals. It smoked rearly well drew nicely and got a fair amount of smoke (most i've ever had) . It was smoking for about 25 mins before coals died (i did not think to get more going) when cleaning the pipe out i saw that about 50% of the mix was used so if i had more coals on stand by i could have doubled my time which will be wicked. heat management was not to bad i just had to make sure the coals were not to big as to burn the mix.(like last time.) A couple of photos, the first showes the small coals the second, the beast third, stainless steel funnle bowl in progress. Also my thanks to the mods and all on this site for there help and for the information in the forums
  11. Home Made Stainless Bowl

    Ewsang, The stainless steel in not flexerble, i was inserted in to the pipe handle and the bit that goes in to the apple to make cleaning easter. Momatik, The kopex is about £3,00 per meter, screwfix sell it in 10meter rolls, the piece i used was an off cut from a job at work.
  12. Lets Count To A Million

  13. Who Makes It

    Mushrat, pm sent to you
  14. Who Makes It

    I tried the doom on the pc , i just makes it fuzzy