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  1. Fantasia's pink lemonade is the best flavor i think i've ever had. I've had a lot of different brands/flavors.
  2. Is It Bad That I Want To Do

    looks good to me!
  3. Milk?

    lmao... the reason the water is there is to cool off the smoke so you don't burn your throat off. putting milk in the base just sounds gross. I read a few of the replies and I agree, either don't do it at all, or mix it with water. but when that warm air hits the milk it'll make it nice and warm for you, and unless you're a cat, you don't want that, not to mention normally I smoke my hookah anywhere from 2-5 hours and I can't drink a glass of milk that's been sitting out for longer than 15 minutes without smelling it. the whole idea just seems gross to me.
  4. Beware Advertising

    One show that makes me want to kick babies is "tim and eric awesome show good job" i seriously want to eat litle children just thinking about how awful that show is.
  5. Wwjs

    Jesus would smoe fools like you on the basketball courts.
  6. My Grandfather's Passing

    QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ Apr 24 2009, 08:39 PM) You guys are all awesome, thank you so much. We're having the memorial celebration on May 16th. I wish I could smoke a bowl in his honor right now, I've been down with a cold for about a week now so I'm keeping away till I'm 100%. My family is coping well, we're all keeping a bit of a sense of humor and perspective on the whole thing. My dad (his son) is doing better now that there isnt any uncertainty about the whole thing and that pain is no longer an issue. There's a kind of relief in his passing, it sounds weird I know but that's just the feeling. I'm just kind of saddened that he had just finished closing his store to retire to a life of travel and relaxation and this has to happen. It's really unfortunate. But he had a great run. Once again, thank you all, your words mean so much to me. Cheers! looking from a religious or spiritual standpoint. he is retiring to a life of peace and relaxation now. more than he would ever find here. glad you're making it, bro.
  7. Getting Kicked Out Of My Apartment

    i'll miss your apartment. :[
  8. My Grandfather's Passing

    its rough man. besides peacefully in your sleep though, what a better way to go. his family remembering him as a great man, and someone to be admired. bowl being dedicated. thoughts too.
  9. honestly it might be because of the way he makes it. He makes his tobacco differently than anyone else does, which might be the reasoning behind the "rough spots". can't have perfection quite yet
  10. after the theatre idea we can work on the bowling alleys serving hookahs instead of alcohol in between frames, too.
  11. Ask A Stupid Question

    QUOTE (*HOT&SMOKING* @ Apr 17 2009, 10:48 AM) Because you were bored and had the time... Why is it that life is complicated??? for the blind people. how many pickled peppers did peter piper pick?